Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Blog Design!

Hey girls!  I recently ordered the accessory package at Dazzling Designs Studio ( by Meg, and I just got my package in email today!!  I'm so happy to show you everything I ordered (I haven't put the button up, though, and I'll put it up later):
This is my favicon!  If you haven't noticed, I changed it already!
This is my button, which I'll put up later!
And you'll see my signature at the end!
I <3 these new blog designs!  Be sure to check out Meg's blog,!


  1. Just curiose. What is the button for?

  2. Thanks! Make sure to say something at the bottom saying that Flower @ Dazzling Design Studio designed your button, favicon and signature! :) I'm glad you enjoy our designs!


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