Monday, March 4, 2013

Caption That Doll #2-YOU Decide!

Hey AG fans!
I can't decide for Caption That Doll #2 between 3, so I will present them all and give you a poll to vote on!!  IF the poll isn't letting you vote or something, please email me at and tell me your vote :) !  Winner will be posted THIS Saturday, so pick fast!
That's the picture, here are the captions!!!
Caroline slowly walks up to kit.

Caroline: Kit, are you dead?

Kit: No, I am just uh, trying out a new massage therapy workout. It supposed to relax your brain. It's called, uh, "box-head" You're supposed to wear it for a week!

Caroline gives Kit a weird look and says: uh-huh....

Caroline walks away.

Kit: Phew! If Caroline found out that I am actually trying to become a comedian. Oh, don't say it! I really want to be one!
Caroline: Uh, I know this is a ridiculous question, but what are you doing?
Kit:  Hiding from the world!
Caroline: um, why?
Kit: I lost a column in the newspaper.
Caroline: oh, im so sorry!  (Caroline walks away)
Kit: Whew!  Caroline would kill me if she knew i was wearing her hair clip!  Guess im a good actress at that!
CAROLINE Kit what are you doing?
KIT (thinking) Shhh! I'm trying to sleep.
KIT What?
CAROLINE What are you doing?
KIT Hmmm?
CAROLINE (exasperated) What are you doing?!
KIT Zzzz....
Caroline dumps water on Kit.
KIT (bounces up, sending the box flying) WHAT WAS THAT FOR?
CAROLINE Thought that'd get you up!
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~Hope: PrincessAG~

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