Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

Hey girls!  I'm so excited to be celebrating my first Easter with you!  I'm so thankful that Jesus has died on the cross for us, and risen from the tomb, to go back to Heaven in His rightful place!  Well, everyone is celebrating, and the dols might have had a little visit from in the....
Here are some cute pictures I got of them!
Happy Easter from Mallory (left) & Caroline (right)!

Mallory's bunny ears!

Lookin' good!!!!
These are all the dolls in their spring dresses, of course I just had to show.....

Mallory wore some sandals since it was chilly, but spring! (Kit's Meet Sandals)

Caroline wore Kit's Birthday Dress

Felcity's Holiday Gown shoes

Kit wore her Flower Dress's shoes!  So cute!

Kit hates wearing dresses, so we made a compromise, and she wore a skirt!  Kit's Meet Skirt & Mal's Meet Top!

Mallory in her stunning dress, again!


Sydney Lee's shoes!  They were her performance outfit's shoes!

Sydney wore Caroline's Travel Outfit!

Ruthie wore her meet dress & shoes

Happy easter!  Family photo!  Ruthie (top-left), Kit (top-middle), Sydney Lee (top-right), Mallory (bottom-left), Meatloaf (bottom-middle), & Caroline (bottom-right).


Another angle!

AH!  Meatloaf attacked Ruthie & Mal and tried to eat the cookie cake!

One more angle...

Sniffing the cookie cake....


Hope got cookie cake for Easter (a little bird) it has a bite out of it!  Hope also got some other candy!

Happy Easter from everone!  Like the stickers and decorations?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

GOTY 2014 Possible info

Some girls I know were posting about GOTY 2014, with trademarked names (which were Teagan & Isabelle) so here we go:
I found this article from AG Dollz Gazette, a newspaper published for American Girl fans online:
Rumor Has it: GOTY 2014
I've been thinking ahead for the Girl of the Year 2014, and I've noticed some people are posting interesting finds about this new Girl of the Year.

American Girl has trademarked the two names Isabelle and Teagan.  So?  Well, when American Girl trademarks names, it normally is used for a doll that is going to come. 

Some people say American Girl normally uses unusual names for their Girl of the Year's, as in Saige, McKenna, Kanani, Lanie, etc.  Many say Teagan (because the name is not used often & not normally spelled this way) will be Girl of the Year, and Isabelle will become a new histrocial character.  Isabelle is a name used often, as American Girl used Isabelle in InnerStarU, the online website, but spelled it differently, as in Isabel.

Some people's theories are that GOTY 2014 will be African-American, because there has been no African-American GOTY's.  My theory is, just wait until 2014!  Then you'll find out! :) What do you think of these interesting theories?
(I wrote that for the Gazette, found the info on the MB)

Friday, March 29, 2013

American Girl Doll Chat #1

So, I decided to do every week something called American Girl Chat! My dolls will chat about anything going on, etc.
(I'll add colors in later)
Kit: Hello world!!
Mallory: Ugh....I'm so tired! I just got back from cheer leading practice and I had to be on top of a pyramid!
Ruthie: Hey, girls! Mom made me stop reading and chat! How could chatting s better than reading?
Caroline: Hey, all! Sydney Lee couldn't make it because of–
Mallory: DANCE!
Caroline: Mal!
Mallory: My birthdays coming up! It's April 2nd. YOU BETTER GIMME BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!
Ruthie: Ummm...
To be continued....

Would you like to be interviewed?

Are you an American Girl Doll blogger who needs to get the word out? Or do you just love interviews? Do you have an awesome MB you want people to join? Or do you just want to be interviewed? Well, the problem ends here! I can interview ANY American Girl doll Blogger or a MB admin!
Just email me at with your name & blog/MB and I'll consider interviewing you! Email now and I'll decide ASAP!

American Girl Place Dallas-Part 4: What I Got! (And updates!)

Ok, I'm sorry I've been behind on posting. I've been busy, but before we get to the point, I've got some updates!:
1. Firstly, I'm going to be in a movie! I can tell about what (so people don't steal it) with my friends! I'm even helping direct!
2. Secondly, Mal's birthday is April 2nd, coming up, and I plan to get her something, but I'm not telling you yet!
3. I'm going to interview someone awesome!
4. My birthday is coming up, and I hope to get Saige and a bunch of outfits! (And Molly!)
Ok, the point of this post is to tell you what I got from American Girl Place Dallas! I'll start from little to big:
1. The blueberry clogs
2. AGP Dallas signature tee (you might have seen Mal wearing it in the Fashion Show video)
3. AGP signature white jeans
4. Kit's Striped Nightie!
That's all!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cute New Sidebar Pic!

I made a 7 Random Dolly's Pic with a 7 from Google and edited it!!  Check it out:

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Interview with Jackie from AG and Whatnot

I recently interviewed Jackie, the owner of AG and Whatnot and Coolgirlsforever on the AGFMB (American Girl Fan Message Board!) Be sure to check out her MB, at , no www. at the beginning! Here's my interview with her:
1. Me: How did you become an American Girl fan?
Jackie: My friends were getting AG dolls for Christmas, and I decided to give AG a try.
2. Me: How did you find American Girl Fan ( and join the Message Board (AGFMB)?
Jackie: I  googled "things to do with your american girl doll" and I found Liz's website.
3. Me: What is your favorite American Girl doll you own?
Jackie: I like Nicole, a JLY/MAG.
4. Me: Which American Girl Doll(s) do you want next?
Jackie: I really want Saige because she looks like me.
5. Me: What inspired you to start your online school, on the American Girl Fan Message Board (AGFMB), Limestone Academy?
Jackie: I thought that the MB members would need a better school for there dolls and I felt generous taht day I opened Limestone Acadmy for the first time.
6. Me: What inspired you to start your Message Board, AG and Whatnot? ( , no www.)
Jackie: I thought that members on Liz's MB would need more priveleges, when I checked out Abbie's, I was thinking of doing either proboards or boardhost, I decided boardhost because you can do PMing.
Thanks for your time Jackie!  You can join Jackie's MB, which I'm a member of, and chat with me and other AG fans at (again, no www.)



Hey, girls!!  Guess what?  I have 20 followers, and a bunch of people auditioning for the 7 Random Dollies!!  Thx to all my followers, you guys rock!!  And, you can still follow, if you haven't!  Also, if you have blogs, followers, and I haven't followed them, comment them or email them to me and I might!!  Depends on if I like......hmmmm....xD

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Redid my Doll's Room!

Hey, girls!  I'm really excited because I redid my dolly's bedroom, now I have room to put in a kitchen, to do photostories better, etc.  I also have room to tape videos for 7 Random Dollies!  (READ THE POST BELOW THE POST BELOW US!  THE 3RD TO TOP!  LOL!)
Ok, well I'll show you some pictures!
I moved all my Webkinz (taking the space of the top shelf) into this cubby and another one.  Phew!  I have 30 in counting!

I also moved my baby doll crib, Sydney Lee's bed was on top of it, and some Lego's (which are in the crib!  Lol!)

More Webkinz

This is what the bed's look like now.  Mallory sleeps on the top bunk, Ruthie on the bottom, Kit on the trundle, Sydney Lee in the Our Generation box, and Caroline.....


Sydney Lee's box-bed

Kit's trundle bed

and Caroline's bed!  AKA the reading nook during the day!

It's on top of my AG storage things!  Notice the penguin?  If you play Club Penguin ( you might know what it is....

PUFFLE!  (also from CP-Club Penguin!)

And the books for the reading nook!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fashion Show

Ok, back to normal size!!  Anyways, I took pictures of a Doll Fashion show yesterday, and I added music, effects & text in today.  Please watch it!  It's one of my fav videos!  Lol and at the beginning Kit edits Mal to sound like a chipmunk!  Funny! xD
Also, the song is Bella Thorne & Zendaya, Shake it Up: Contagious Love
Copyright 2013, edited with Windows Move Maker, song by Bella Thorne & Zendaya, from Shake it Up, Contagious Love

7 Random Dollies! AUDTIONS!! PLEASE READ!

Now, if you might have noticed, people on YouTube/GodTube have been making channels called 7 Super Girls, 7 Super Dollies, etc..  I decided to do one with AG fans on the MB (AGFMB) and girls that follow my blog!!  So, if you are a follower, PLEASE ENTER!!
Ok, so if you don't know what you're entering, I'll tell you.  So, 7 Random Dollys (that's what we're naming) is a channel (on GodTube) where each person (doll in this case) gets their own day of the week of the 7 days.  So, what we do is, I will email all of you a theme of the week, and you do a (funny, crazy, silly) video with your doll on that theme.  You post it on our channel your day of the week, so people get a video everyday!  I will also email a theme called Freestyle Week where you chose your own type of video.
Ok, the video is below with requirements.  If you don't have anything, just email me and I can maybe give you an exceptation.  :)  Ok, please watch, and join!  PLZ!  The days of the week that are taken are Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.  So that means Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday are open!
Copyright 2013.

My Interview with Madison from Delightful World of Dolls

I recently interviewed the owner, blogger & maintainer of Delightful World of Dolls.  Be sure to visit & follower her blog at !  She has 3 American Girl Dolls, Molly, Josefina & Cecile!

1. Me: How did you become an American Girl fan?
Madison: I heard about it when McDonalds had these little AG booklets in their happy-meals in 2008. I have the Kaya one to this day! I saw American on there, so I just had to try it out. There where lot's of fun games and facts and quizzes and books! i loved it and didn't want to stop. I had no idea they had dolls, until.... that one Christmas day....
2. Me: When/where did you get your first doll?
Madison:  I got Molly as my first doll! I actually didn't put her on my wishlist. I loved the americangirl website, and recently my parents heard about the 18 inch dolls. While I already had Mini Molly, they still knew about the 18 inch dolls, and my favorite was Molly McIntire....because I wanted glasses, loved wearing my hair in braids, and overall, loved her outfits, ehr stories, and every thing about her! Then, on Christmas Day of 2011, I opened up an American girl box...and there, tied up in the box was molly McIntire! I didn't know you had to have a MAG doll to get on ISU, but I didn't want to give Molly up. SO we called an AG guy and he gave us the code for ISU, so now I can play on ISU. Along with Molly, I got the Snow Flurry Outfit, Emily's Holiday Outfit, and Molly's red and white PJ's. :)
Molly from Delightful World of Dolls
3. Me: Who is your favorite doll?
Madison: I don't want to hurt doll's feelings, ;) but my favorite out of the dolls I have is DEFINITELY Molly!!!
4. Me: What doll(s) do you want next?
Madison: The dolls that I want next are Emily Bennet, the girl bitty twin with blonde hair and blue eyes, and Mini Ruthie. :)
5. Me: What inspired you to begin your blog (Delightful World of Dolls)?
Madison: Aha! Julie's Jumbles blog I believe! I loved their picasa albums, and wanted oen so I could show everybody photostories and where molly's adventures had taken place. Turns out, I was too young, so my dad let me share his google account, and I got my blog....Delightful World of Dolls! But, I write it in Molly's point of view. :) The reason I can't follow ya'll is because I share a google account with my dad, like I mentioned before, but if I follow, there's a picture of my (very handsome ;)) dad up there, not my doll Molly! LOL!
Molly from Delightful World of Dolls on St. Patrick's Day
6. Me: What editing system(s) do you recommend for videos/photos?
Madison: I recommend iMovie! You can add special effects, music, text, blur focus, zoom, curtains,'s what professionals use!
7. Me: What do you think of AG Dolly Sisters?
AG Dolly Sisters is amazing! Fun photo-stories, updates and overall a fun-loving AG blog by a wonderful, sweet Christian girl! AG Dolly Sisters is definitely a favorite.
8. Me: Do you have any tips for girls starting blogs?
Yes! I recommend only posting when you have something to share: not when other people are bugging you to make a blog post. And also, if you want lot's of blog viewers and comments, you have to put a lot of work into your blog! Really think about what could wow readers and amaze other people.
9. What's your favorite thing to do on your blog (Ex: videos, photostories, reviews)?
My favorite thing to do on my blog is video's! They are so fun to make, and really bring out that hard-working, creative girl inside of you.

Thanks, Madison, for your time and allowing me to interview you!  Remember to check out her blog with Molly, Josefina, Cecile, Molly-Anne (Mini Doll) & Coconut (the dog) at .

Cecile, Josefina & Molly from Delightful World of Dolls.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dolly Sites with....ME!

Hey girls!  It's time for Dolly Sites again!  Yeah, I've realized I haven't posted Dolly Sites since Feb 22nd, I've been so busy I just forgot!  So, everyone who commented their site will be added to the linky :)
Just copy & paste these into your browser :)
1. American Girl, run by a girl named Liz, this site ROCKS!
2. American Girl Fan Message Board-(Link on American Girl Fan)
3. Fun with the , run by my friend Jan, this site rocks!
4. AG Photostory , run by my friend Cindy, this site is awesome!
5. Delightful World of
6. AGChloeAndZoe's Youtube-
7. Dolls On Da
8. Amanda's Blog-
IF you want your blog to be up here, leave the link in a comment or email it to me at .  Also, if you chose to email, please put Dolly Sites in the subject. because I get lots of emails :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kool AG Klub!

Join the Kool AG Klub!  Go to for the linky :)  Also, Cindy, my BFF who is doing this, probably can get back to you if you want to join for a week or so, just lettin' you know!
Also, be sure to check out my Book Reviews blog with my BFF's Jan & Cindy,, we need followers!  We review all American Girl, A Life of Faith & Our Generation books!


American Girl Place Dallas Part 3-Shopping!

Hey girls, here is Part 3 of my visit to AGP Dallas!  Check out for Part 4 (What I Got) coming later today!
These are the party rooms, I <3 there door design!

The men's bathroom is over here!

The sinks in the girl's bathroom

The doll holders!  These are adorable!
The cheerleaders in the upstairs hallway.  I want this outfit for Mallory, who is a cheerleader!
CUTE!  The volleyball set, if I am correct?
The soccer set

The skiing set
A MAG doll with Honey in the new pet set!  My friend, Cindy, recently got this MAG!  (I think it was this one, right Cindy?)

The cute party set with these adorable dresses!

The escalator
The Saige cutout

The Mini Dolls

Molly & Emily.  I think they are going to be archived next :(, sadly (so I'm planning to buy Molly soon)

The McKenna movie was playing!

All the movie selections!  I hope to get McKenna soon, because that's the only one I don't have!  Soon, Saige's movie will be up there! :)

All the doll craft books.  I really want Doll Star, Doll Boutique, Doll Travel & Doll Dining.


All the books!  Historcial, help, etc.

Julie & Nutmeg on Julie's bed

Kit's Bed & PJ's
Julie & Ivy's world

Molly & Emily's world
Caroline's world

Caroline's VERY expensive parlor

Rebecca's world (sorry it's so blurry)
Cecile & Marie-Grace's world

Kaya's world

Caroline's bed 
Cecile's bed
Marie-Grace's bedset

Rebecca's bed

Kit's scooter set with Grace

Rebecca's adorable dress (my friend Jan recently got this Rebecca set to her right!)

And, pictures of the outside AGP Dallas for Jan! 
Hope you enjoyed all my pictures!  Be on the lookout for Part 4 coming later today!