Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Adventure to Texas Part 2

Hey girls!
Time for Part 2!!  This is really fun what we're doing!  Oh, that's coming in Part 3!  Hehe!  Click here for Part 1!
So, these were taken on Sunday.  I really didn't have any pictures to take on Saturday because we had to sit through 5 HOURS of baseball games!!  AHHH!
Ok, so these are at one of my Grandma's House, we had lots of fun!
Me in my outfit Mommy picked, Kit's Floral Print Dress, Kit's Meet Outfit sandals, black purse, and pink bow.
These are my sandals!  Perfect for a hot Texas day!
More of my outfit!

This is all the stuff Mommy brought for me!!  ALOT!!  Mommy has a big mess to clean up!

Everything is for me!  Well, not everything....

With my glasses!
Playing my iPad!

Remember the iPad I ordered from Trendy Dolls?  (www.mytrendydoll.com)
This is my bag.  Well, acutally Mommy's, but this is the bag she's letting me keep stuff in. :)
Ok, let's start fillin' it up!

Ahh!  Mommy's random camera, camera charger and iPod case

Mommy's random pens, mechanical pencils and erasers!  LOL!  How'd this pic get mixed in with all these others?

Mommy's big erasers from Justice!  The pink one says For Big Mistakes, and the green one says, Oops! 
Ahh, that's everything!  Here's me with Mommy's grandma's little lion in the kid's guest room!
That's all!  Good-bye for now!
with help from ~Hope: PrincessAG~

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  1. EEEEEEK! You gotta lot of stuff! xD

    (lovin' Texas? TEXAS IS THE BEST! xD :P)


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