Sunday, July 28, 2013

Posting Break! :)

Hey girls,
I'm going to take a posting break for a week or 2.  As you know I haven't been posting very often, so I think I'll take a break.  I'm pretty busy with summer, so yeah :)
Be back in a 2 or 3 weeks! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

GOTY Contest

Hey girls, on one of the blog's I'm on, Garden of Friendship, we are having a Girl of the Year Contest!  For more info such as prizes and how to get yours in, go here:
Thanks! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sydney Lee's Ballet Practice

               Hey girls! :) It's Sydney Lee, here are some pictures on what my ballet practice is like!
First I strech...

I try to reach my hands up as high as I can go to my head.

Next I do my splits

And the other leg....

Viola!  My middle splits!

Now I just practice my kicks for leg strenghing

And a cartwheel...

Viola! ;)

Thanks for watching my ballet practice! :)

Suggestions :)

Hey girls,
Sooo I don't really know what to post about lately.  I know I'm doing a post series and everything, but I need IDEAS.
So please comment with some ideas. It can be anything--video, photostory, pictures. :)
And when I do your idea, I'll give you credit and a link to your blog/MB.

Monday, July 8, 2013

American Girl Order

My American Girl order is here! Yay! :) Above is a video on what I got!  Look for a review coming soon!
P.S. I got Molly's Pajamas, Molly's Birthday Dress & The Bright Highlight Doll Do's!


Hey girls!  Sorry I wasn't posting all weekend ;) I was busy, and my computer keeps freezing up!  I tried to post this earlier but it froze up! XD Soooo finally my post is here!
I got a Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School!!  I got it on Wednesday (last Wednesday) I think, and I read it that night, it's really good! :)  

 Here's a peak at the inside of it ^^^ ;)
And then I did this cute little blue ribbon bow hairstyle on Mal! :)
Be sure to look out for a post coming after this and new ones coming tomorrow!
P.S. Sorry I haven't posted Caption That Doll, I will post it this Saturday with the winner!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July 2013!

Hey everyone!  My dolls and I wish you a Happy Independence Day/4th of July 2013!  We'd love to hear what your doing for the 4th, just comment it! :)
Now let me hand the computer over to Saige and Mal..who have a post planned for you
Mallory: Hey girls, happy fourth!
Saige: Yup!  Mal and I even created our own combinations, as you can see I'm wearing blue!
Mallory: And I'm wearing red, white & a blue hair ribbon ;)

A look at our outfits!

And Mal's outfit!

Happy 4th! :D

The Missing Tiara Part 1

Hey girls!  It's time for another Photostory! :D I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything good lately, so yeah :) I'm excited to finally do a real post goes:
It was rainy day outside, and Kit & Ruthie were sitting at the table playing cards. "Your turn!" Kit said to Ruthie.

Ruthie started to pick up a card to play, when suddenly Sydney Lee walked in, looking worried.

"It's gone!" cried Sydney Lee, "it's gone!" 
"What's gone?" Kit asked, looking up from the card table.
"My tiara for my dance recital next week," explained Sydney Lee frantically, "I was practicing my dance with it, and then I left it on my bed.  I went to get a glass of juice and to play on the iPad, and when I came back it was gone!"

"I can find it for you!" exclaimed Kit, "I'm great at solving mysteries!"
"Just let me go get my notebook," Kit said. 
When Kit returned, Sydney Lee looked really frantic.  "Now," said Kit, opening her notebook, "what does your tiara look like?"  "It's pink," answered Sydney Lee, "with sparkles.  And pink and blue ribbons."  "Alright," said Kit, "I'll keep an eye out."

Kit quickly scribbled down everything in her journal, and went back to resume her card game with Ruthie.

"Thanks for helping, Kit!" said Sydney Lee.

On her way back to the card game, Kit looked down when she saw a flash of color.
Kit kneeled down!  It was a blue ribbon, like Sydney Lee had said was on her tiara!  Kit gasped and immeaditly started to record it in her notebook.
She picked it up and started to go through the door to play with Ruthie, when she heard Mallory call "Kit!"

Kit looked over and gasped!  Mallory was wearing one of the same blue ribbons she'd found on the ground!  Could she be the thief of the tiara?
:) Hope you liked it!  Feel free to comment!
Who do you think took the tiara?  And why?  Do you think Mallory took it?  Where did Mallory find the ribbon?
Stay tuned for Part 2!

Hope's Edit, Button & Signature Shop

Hey girls!  I recently started an Edit, Button & Signature Shop and I'd love it if you want to order anything, here are some things you need to know before ordering:
Here you can order an edit, a button for your blog/MB to advertise on others blogs, and a signature for you on your blog/signature on the MB.  In fact, if you order a button for your MB/blog, I will even advertise it on MY blog, AG Dolly Sisters!  (Only if you want me to)
So, you can request your edit in a reply, or fill out my form here or go here:
I will promise to get your edit in a week or less!  If you give me your email I can email you for more info/when it will be done.
Note: You can supply a picture for me to edit or I will Google one.  IF I Google one, please be aware it could be someone else's picture, so ALL, ALL, ALL credit is given to them!  I don't want anyone mad! :) Thanks!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Future Doll's Personalitys...

Hey girls, I thought I'd share with you what my future dolls personality's are going to be like.

Cecile Rey.  Cecile is kinda going to be like Mal's partner drama queen, she's going to be a huuuuuge drama queen (like I said).  She's going to be extremley over-dramatic and super snobby.
Rebecca Doll, Book & Accessories
Rebecca is going to be hilarious, talented and a funny actress.  She's going to loooove talking, and she's going to be extremley peppy.

Ivy is going to be shy, and a gymnastics freak. She's going to be a very talented gymnasts, and she wants world peace.  She also is going to love eating sushi and trying new things.

My Order from American Girl

Hey girls, thought I'd share I just ordered 3 things from American Girl, I got....

Molly's Floral Pajamas for Doll, $24.

Molly's Party Dress, $28 and...

The Bright Highlights Set $12.
If you have any of these, reviews are welcome!  Just review it in a comment, email it to me at or give me a link to your review! 
And you can request a review on these when I get them! ;)