Monday, May 26, 2014

Mallory & Sydney Lee's Birthday Party

Hey girls!   Mallory & Sydney Lee's birthday party was the other day, so I did a little photostory about it ;D.  BTW, Mal's birthday was on April 2nd and Syd's on May 9th.  So Mal's party is late ;P  BTW, this is my first AG birthday party done in my dollhouse :)
"Is everything ready?" said Caroline, arranging the stack of presents.  "It has to be perfect!" said Molly, the perfectionist.  Molly and Saige were on food duty while Caroline and Ruthie organized the presents.  Kit was distracting Mallory and Sydney Lee.

"Yup!" said Caroline, "everything looks great!"

Kit ran into the room.  "They're coming!" cried Kit

"Happy birthday!" all the dolls shouted.  They began singing 'Happy Birthday' when Mallory and Sydney Lee walked in.

"OMG!" cried Mal.  "All this for us?" said Sydney Lee, looking around the room in awe.  

"Of course!" said Caroline, "now let's get some food.  I'm starving!"

All the dolls went through the buffet, picking out yummy treats and snacks.  Of course, Mallory and Sydney Lee got to go through first!

"Time for presents!" said Ruthie.  "You can go first, Syd," said Mallory, sitting down eating her cupcake.  "Thanks, Mal!"

The dolls gathered around as Sydney Lee opened her presents.

Caroline handed her the first gift.  "This is from all of us," she said.  Sydney Lee carefully opened the gift.

"A swimsuit!" cried Sydney Lee, "thank you so much girls!  This will be perfect for summer!"

Next, Caroline handed Sydney Lee her gift from Ruthie & Kit.  "A bracelet!" said Sydney Lee, admiring the tie-dye colors.

"A perfect fit!" said Sydney Lee.

The next present was from Saige.  "New ballet shoes!"

Syd's last present was from Molly & Caroline.  "Wow!" said Sydney Lee, "how did you girls know I wanted these books?"  Sydney Lee picked up two books titled Dancer and Hannah.

"Thanks so much!" said Sydney Lee, "I loved all my gifts!"

Mallory went up to sit in the "Chair of Honor" next.  Her first gift was from everyone.

"Wow!" said Mal, "A new dancing bag!  I like, totes, needed one!  Thanks so much.  Oh, there's more!"

Next Mallory pulled out a dancing outfit, with matching hat and gloves.  "Thank you!" cried Mal, "It's perfect for my solo at the recital this summer!"

The next gift was from Kit.  "A bracelet!" said Mallory, "tres chic, Kit, my favorite colors!"

Mallory put it on.  Once again, the bracelet fit perfectly.

The next gift was from Ruthie.  "A bow!" cried Mallory, "and it's pink and ZEBRA!" 

Mallory tried it on ;)

The next gift was from Saige.  "FASHION MAGAZINES!" cried Mallory, "I love OG outfits, their outfits are so chic!"

The last gift was from Caroline and Molly.  "Books!" said Mallory, "ooh Superstars and Parties!  I can't wait to start Superstars, that book is all about my favorite singer in Dollywood!"

"Both of the birthday girls, go to the front!" said Kit.  "We have something for you!"

Ruthie presented a card to Mallory & Sydney Lee.  "Thank you girls!" said Mal, opening it.

So, Mallory and Sydney Lee had a wonderful birthday!

I hope you all enjoyed my photostory!  The 3rd part of the Secret Princess is coming later today, sorry it's sooo late!  I've been very busy ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New American Girl Doll Historical 2014? *SPOILER ALERT*

Hey girls!
Once again, some more news from AG (well, not confirmed yet), but according to some doll blogs/videos, there might be a new historical!  Her name is possibly going to be Grace Thomas, which American Girl trademarked, and possibly the long awaited 50's doll.
Here's a picture of the trademarked name, giving photo credit to Generation Next
Grace Thomas
Next, I have links for two YouTube videos, showing pictures of the doll, who looks like she has strawberry blond hair. 
Here is the first video:
And the second video:
What do you girls think?  Do you like "Grace Thomas" or the 50's doll idea?  Leave a comment below! :)
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Girl News: Retiring 2014 + Beforever Release ~SPOILER ALERT~

Hey girls!
As some of you may know, the other day American Girl posted this on their FaceBook:

[photo creds @ Google Images, Generation Next]
Sadly, AG will be retiring 4 dolls at once: Ruthie, Ivy, C├ęcile and Marie-Grace.  Thankfully, none of these dolls/clothing were really on my wish list.  However, I'm very sad Ruthie is retiring, she is such a beautiful doll.  I assume the mini dolls and books will stay.  AG has not confirmed the date, some rumors say in a few months/weeks.
What do you girls think?  Is this fair of AG?  Were any dolls on your wish list?
Secondly, as mentioned in AG's FaceBook post, this fall they will be launching their new line of historical dolls-BeForever.  Here are a few pictures of BeForever:
The BeForevee Julie, Samantha & Kit books
[photo creds: American Girl Publishing]

Kit's BeForever Outfit
[photo creds: Pinterest]
BeForever logo
[photo creds: Living a Doll's Life]

Kit's BeForever book series 
[photo creds: The Doll Mag]
What do you girls think of BeForever?  The books?  The outfits?  Like it or not?  Leave a comment below!

Monday, May 19, 2014

~ISU Summer Party Meet-up~

Hey girls!  I thought since summer is coming quickly, what better way then to kick off summer with a party?  So, I'm having a Summer Party meet-up on ISU (InnerStarU).  The meet-up will be on June 6 at 4:00 PM Central, 5:00 PM Eastern.  We will meet-up at Starfire Boathouse on the dock by the Starfire Regatta.  The meet-up will last till 5:45 PM Central/6:45 PM Eastern.  Be sure to wear your swimsuits ;) We will play games and go shopping until the meet-up ends.  If you'd like to talk during the meet-up, I will be online PMing/posting on AGH ( and on my email/blog.  Be sure to email/comment/PM  me your username on ISU!  I'm Mallory100, by the way!  I hope you can come!  Please let your friends know so we can get as many people as possible there!
P.S. Dates/time are subject to change.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

~American Girl Dollhouse Wishlist!~

Hey girls!  So after getting my dollhouse, of course I need to furnish it, right?  So right now, I really just need to furnish the downstairs & Caroline/Saige's bedroom!  I decided to show you what I plan on getting!  :) This will probably take me a year or two to completly furnish, but I'm going to save up money over the summer!
So first, let's start with the downstairs kitchen area.  I have a fridge, but of course I need a table & chairs, right?  Well look at this awesome bargain I found on Our Generation...

All of this, the 2 chairs, table & teapot and cups for $40.  $40!!!  I was planning on purchasing the table & chairs plus accessories from American Girl for $129!!!  And the table accessories from AG almost cost as much as all of this!  Besides, this would go better with my kitchen/downstairs, matching the pink theme!

And of course, for the living room, I need a couch.  Also matching the pink theme, this is from My Doll's Life/Sophia's for $79.95, even though I did see it on eBay for $60, but now it's sold out -__-  I love the matching pillows and lamp, and I think this would be a great addition to my dollhouse!
Moving on to the second floor, there's not really much I need.  That's the floor where Kit & Mallory/Ruthie's bedroom is now, but Kit's bedroom I will probably make the bathroom.

Anyways, for Mal & Ruthie's room, I'm planning on purchasing this zebra beanbag for $11.50, I believe.  I found this on eBay and I love how it looks!
And that's all, now for the top floor!  On the top floor, I need a bed that fits 2 dolls for Caroline & Saige's bedroom.  Sooo..I've decided to get...

The Dreamy Daybed & Bedding from American Girl for $129!  This will probably be the last thing I purchase because it is the most expensive!  And lastly...

The nightstand set!  Right now it's for sale on AG for only $43.50.  The original price is $58.  Pretty pricy, but a good deal.  I love the mini tissue box!
So what do you guys think?  Are you planning on purchasing anything for a doll room/house?  If so, check my Froggy Stuff first because I was planning on purchasing a desk, but you can acutally do it for $5 instead of $50!  Saving you lots of money! ;)
Have a Sunday! :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Giveaway at Delightful World of Dolls!

Hey girls!
One of my good friends, Madison, is having her very first giveaway at Delightful World of Dolls, a doll website! More info at You can enter for a chance to win a mini Cecile doll and the fancy boots from AG, completely free!  And it gets even better, anybody can enter, because it can be shipped internationally!  Good luck to all who enter! :). But hurry, the giveaway ends May 15th!
Once again, the link is: