Monday, May 19, 2014

~ISU Summer Party Meet-up~

Hey girls!  I thought since summer is coming quickly, what better way then to kick off summer with a party?  So, I'm having a Summer Party meet-up on ISU (InnerStarU).  The meet-up will be on June 6 at 4:00 PM Central, 5:00 PM Eastern.  We will meet-up at Starfire Boathouse on the dock by the Starfire Regatta.  The meet-up will last till 5:45 PM Central/6:45 PM Eastern.  Be sure to wear your swimsuits ;) We will play games and go shopping until the meet-up ends.  If you'd like to talk during the meet-up, I will be online PMing/posting on AGH ( and on my email/blog.  Be sure to email/comment/PM  me your username on ISU!  I'm Mallory100, by the way!  I hope you can come!  Please let your friends know so we can get as many people as possible there!
P.S. Dates/time are subject to change.

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