Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hey guys.
So for now, I think I'm just going to take a break from this blog.  It might be permanent, I'm not sure, but I think I'll make a blog just for like myself and stuff :)  Thank you for the people who have stuck by me even though I've been breaking so much.  I hope you can still go back and enjoy the posts I've had before <3 And maybe someday I'll return for good!
But for now, bye!  I'll update you guys if I end up making a blog just about myself! :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Short Break

Hey guys.
My past two weeks have been really hard so I'm taking a short break.  Caption That Doll poll will either be posted this Thursday or in a week from this Thursday.  I shouldn't be gone too long.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Caption That Doll Picture #15 + Results of CTDP #14

Hey girls!
Sorry this is late, but I posted my Valentine's Day Party special photo story on Saturday instead of this, which normally won't happen unless there's a holiday on a Saturday. :D
So, anyways, all of your captions were amazing, but of course only one can win.  So I picked 4, you guys voted, and here are the results of CTDP #14....drumroll please.......................................
Congratulations to Sophia!  Her caption:
Mallory: Okay, who did it?
Saige: I don't know, but I do know it wasn't me! *fidgets with dress nervously*
Mallory: Saige! You ruined it!
Saige: Uhm, oh, I heard the oven! Your cookies are done.
Mallory: Cookies! What were we talking about?
And, now for Caption That Doll Picture #15...
 Oh no!  Meatloaf the naughty dog has gotten into the Valentine's Day treats!  What do you think Kit and Molly are saying?  Submit your caption by commenting it below, using the contact me form on my blog, emailing it to me at or PMing/replying to the topic of any MB's I'm on!  Thanks, and good luck to everyone!  My top 3 will be posted on Thursday along with a poll, and the winner + Caption That Doll Picture #16 will be posted on Saturday.
Good luck!
P.S. Be sure to check out the AGDS Weekly and our 2 years blogaversary posts below! :D

AGDS: 2 Years Blogaversary!

So, a lot of you probably didn't even know this, but today, February 16th, AGDS is celebrating being 2 years old!  So, join our celebration! :D

I can't believe how long I've been on here. Time really flies.  It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was joining the AGFMB and creating my blog.  I've made so many awesome friends through American Girl, and even though there's been struggles, and I've taken breaks from this blog for way to long, I plan to keep posting and not take a break for more than 2 weeks, unless it's a serious issue.
This is seriously the longest I've ever kept a blog for.  Normally I just delete it a few months later, but I stuck with AGDS. 
Thank you everyone, for being so supportive and such an amazing group of girls!  I've been through so much and I wouldn't ever redo my decision to create this blog!  Even though I've taken many breaks, a lot of you have still stuck with me and that means so much to me.  I know everyone says this, but I'm telling the truth.
Thanks for your support!  I couldn't do it without you!
P.S. Check out AGDS Weekly below! :D

AGDS Weekly-2/16/15

Hey guys!  It's Kit and welcome to another edition of AGDS Weekly!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Here's the schedule for the remainder of February 2015:
Feb 16th-President's Day & AGDS Weekly #3Feb 23rd-Mallory Monday #4
Onto news! :D
Ruthie's Birthday + Surprise Party
Ruthie's birthday (well, our Ruthie's) was on the 12th, so we threw a surprise party for her!  We combined it with the Valentine's Day party, and we all had tons of fun! :)
Valentine's Day Party!
I hope you enjoyed our post about our party, and how to make the decorations!  It was so much fun, and Molly was the host of the Valentine's Day party.  Ruthie will be the host for the next party :P (for Saint Patrick's Day!)
President's Day
Some of you might not have even known today was President's Day!  Did anyone have school off?  We did!  Which gave us lots of time to work on posts for you guys! :D
So, not much news this week, mainly just holiday's!  I hope you all have an awesome week!
Signing off!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day + Behind the Scenes of our Party!

Hey girls!
Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope you all had an amazing day, and I apologize this post is so late!
Caption That Doll #14 Results + new picture will be posted tomorrow (or Monday, depends), but either Sunday or Monday!  Normally I will post it on a Saturday, though! :)
Anyways, here's a behind the scenes peek at our AGDS Valentine's Day Party!
Molly handed out the cupcakes and worked behind the table for the party.  Each holiday, we rotate and this time it was Molly's turn!

We used our DIY's in the Valentine's Day video and used the same adorable table to hold our goodies and decorations! :)

All the dolls got the little bags and they each made Valentine's for each other. :)

After the girls got their snacks, the sat down and chatted.

Mallory couldn't resist an adorable little cupcake! ;)

"Time to exchange Valentine's!" Molly declared after everyone had finished eating.

Everyone then began to exchange Valentine's ! :)
Overall, it was a great Valentine's Day!  I hope you all had an amazing day, as well! :D

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Caption That Doll Picture #14: Top 3 (4?) Captions + Poll!

Hey guys!  So here are my 3(er..well) favorite captions from this week!  I think this is the hardest time I've had (so far) picking only three, because all the captions were great!  And since I had so much trouble, I had to go with four!  Since it's my first week, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if you had to decide between four! :)  The poll will be linked below!
The first caption is, Madison's caption! :)

Mallory: SAIGE! The Valentines party is supposed to be perfect! You are RUINING IT!!!!!!!!
Saige: But...but...but..
Mallory: UGH! You are SO disappointing. On so many levels. *flounces out of room angrily*
Saige: But the Valentines Day party ended! I'm taking the decorations down because it's all over!

The second caption is Anonymous A's! :D
Saige: Mallory! It's not my fault you knocked the decorations down!
Mal: Uh, Moi? Knock something down? I don't think so darling!
Saige: Ugh!

The third caption is Katie's
Saige: Ugh! My dress is too poofy! This Valentine's day party was supposed to be the best! You ruined it with your disco music!
Mallory: It's fine, I love it! And, I love disco music. Who doesn't?
Saige: I wasn't talking to you! This dress doesn't fit me right. By the way, no one likes disco music.
Mallory: Uh, well, who were you talking to?

And lastly, Sophia's caption!
Mallory: Okay, who did it?
Saige: I don't know, but I do know it wasn't me! *fidgets with dress nervously*
Mallory: Saige! You ruined it!
Saige: Uhm, oh, I heard the oven! Your cookies are done.
Mallory: Cookies! What were we talking about?

Here's the link to the poll! :)
Good luck girls!  Winner will be posted Saturday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mallory Monday #3: Tips for Throwing the Perfect Doll Party!!

Bonjour! It's Mallory, and welcome to the third Mallory Monday!! In this video, I show you how to throw the perfect doll party, with spending very little money, if any at all! :) Enjoy!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Have you thrown a doll party before?  If so, what type?
My Froggy Stuff, DIY Doll Chairs:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Caption That Doll #14

Hey guys!  Caption That Doll is back!  So, I'll start off by explaining the rules :)
Normally, every Saturday I will post a new photo, along with the winner of the last picture.  After you guys send me your captions, I'll pick my favorite 3 and post a poll on Thursday.  You guys can then vote on your favorite caption, and the winner will be selected and posted Saturday, along with the next pic. :)
You guys can enter by leaving a comment below, emailing it to me at , or submitting it via PM or from the Contact Me! page on my blog.
Here's an example of what a caption might look like:
Kit: blablabla
Mallory: blablabla
{blablabla would be what you want them to say}
Let's get started! :)
Oh no!  Valentine's Day disaster!  What do you think Mallory and Saige are saying?  Leave a comment below or submit it to me by emailing or PMing me! :)
My top 3 will be posted Thursday along with a poll!
Be sure to check out my DIY Valentine's Day crafts below! :)

~Easy, Inexpensive DIY Valentine's Day Doll Crafts~

Hey guys!  So I'm excited to {finally} be posting my video, after a long time of editing, is finally ready.  I meant to have this up on Friday but it took me forever to edit >.< Anyways, enjoy! :)
Valentine's Day bag, 2nd banner & valentines printout link-
Hope you like it! 
What was your favorite DIY?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

AGDS Weekly-2/3/15

Hey guys!  Kit here, and welcome to our second AGDS weekly (I think? :P)  Anyways, this should've been up a week ago, but we've been having technical difficulties.  Anyways, here's the schedule for the month of February:
Feb 2nd-Groundhog Day
Feb 9th-Mallory Monday #3
Feb 12th-Ruthie's birthday (our Ruthie, at least)
Feb 14th-Valentine's Day
Feb 16th-President's Day & AGDS Weekly #3
Feb 23rd-Mallory Monday #4
So, that's our schedule! :) Anyways, moving onto the news!
Groundhog Day
Were you hoping for six more weeks of winter or an early spring?  I wanted spring, and of course for like the tenth year in the row the groundhog saw his shadow >.<  Honestly, I'm tired of all this cold
Ruthie's Birthday
Ruthie's birthday is on the 12th, and she said she didn't want a party.  But honestly, who doesn't want a party?  So, guess what?  We're throwing a SURPRISE PARTY for her!!!  :D
Valentine's Day
Whoooo's excited for Valentine's Day?  I sure am :D Mal and Saige are throwing a party, and I'm pretty excited.  I volunteered for the snack committee, but apparently I can't because I'll eat all the food!? -_-
Anyways, have a great week!  Cya in 2 weeks :)


Hey everyone!
I'm SOOO sorry!  I've been having technical difficulties and have been unable to upload for the past week or two. I'm back to posting and AGDS Weekly will be posted ASAP! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sorry, no post!

Hey girls!  I've been having some technical difficulties so I apologize I didn't post Friday or today! I will probably post tomorrow, unless I'm still having difficulties!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mallory Monday #2

Hey guys!  It's Mallory and here's Mallory Monday #2, where I do a winter tag with a special guest!  I was in a hurry {today has been really busy} so if there's any mistakes or technical difficulties let me know.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

~5 Different Ways to Spice up Your Doll's Ponytail!~

Hey guys!  So I was planning on posting this yesterday, and I recorded the video but I didn't get around to editing it so I'm posting it today! :) I'm really excited, and I apologize if it's a bit blurry {idk why but my camera was acting up}.  So if I miss a day like I did, I'll probably post it the next day! :)
Anyways, enjoy the video!
What was your favorite hairstyle?  Let me know! (:

Friday, January 16, 2015

~Introducing: Caption That Doll Picture!~

Hey guys!  Guess what!? :) Caption That Doll Picture has returned!  I'm so excited, because I haven't done a Caption That Doll Picture since Halloween 2013! 

So, I will begin either next Friday or Saturday.  I'll first post the picture, and you can leave a comment with your caption, email or PM it to me.  The following Thursday, I'll post my top 3 picks along with a poll in which you can vote for your favorite caption!  You have until Saturday to vote, and the winner will be posted along with the next caption that doll picture! :)
To make sure, would anyone be interested in participating?  My blog hasn't been as popular as it was a year or so ago since I haven't really been posting ;P

Monday, January 12, 2015

AGDS Weekly-1/12/15

Hey everyone, it's Kit and welcome to the first official AGDS Weekly!  We did this several months/a year ago, and I'm excited to bring it back!
So, a lot has happened this past 2 weeks I'm excited to share with you!  :)
First of all, events this month:
Jan 1st-New Year's Day
Jan 5th-Mallory Monday #1
Jan 12th-AGDS Weekly 1/12/15
Jan. 19th-Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Mallory Monday #2
Jan 26th-AGDS Weekly 1/26/15
So, onto this week of AGDS!
Mallory's Cousin
Mallory is really excited because her cousin Bella Thomas {Grace Thomas} is moving back to the United States from France this spring/summer.  {Meaning, Hope is going to get Grace!}
Holiday Highlights
We all had a great Christmas and New Year!  The day before Christmas Eve, one of Saige's friends had a big Christmas party.  It was really cool--I kinda got kicked out because I ate all the chips {oops}.  On Christmas Eve, we all slept in and made pancakes--I put red and green frosting on mine {some thought it was gross, but it's delicious :P!}  Then, we did all of our holiday traditions--listening to Christmas music, in our Christmas PJ's all day, looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and going to Christmas Eve service. 
Christmas Day was awesome as well!  We woke up, opened presents and hung out together the rest of the day.
On New Year's Eve, Mallory had an awesome party and we stayed up pretty late!  {past 12:00}
Overall, the holiday's were great!  How was everyone else's holidays?
Your reporter and writer,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Haul 2014!!

Heyyy everyone! (:
I hope you all had lovely Christmases!!  Here is my 2014 Christmas Haul {just my American Girl doll things}.  If your interested in things I got from my family, then read below the pictures!
Just want to make a quick note  that I am certainly not bragging.  I am very, very thankful and blessed for everything I got.

So all the clothes I got are from Sophia's My Doll's Life {}
Here's the first top I got--this adorable blue rhinestone sweater!  I looove this so much.

The only fault is it isn't zipper or Velcro, so I literally had to strangle Kit to get it on :P {sorry, Kit}

Random, but these green socks came with the order as well {it was like spend $30/50 more and you get these}

Next, I got this adorable pink ballet style top and these adorable floral pants.  And the pink Ugg-style boots!

The top (:

The top & the pants

And a bottom view!

Here are the boots, these are soooo adorable!

Last of all, this adorable light brown suede zipper vest.

 I looove this so much!

My non AG Christmas haul:
From Family :)
1. Candy--skittles, andes mints, York peppermint patties and Reese's shaped like Christmas trees ;)
2. Some bath fizzers
3. Earrings
4. New pajama pants
5. money from my brother ;)
1. The game Apples to Apples
2. Clothes from Delia's--a pink hoodie, 2 cute sweaters and 2 raglan shirts
3. Clothes from Target--2 pullover V neck sweaters and 1 regular sweater
4. Clothes from Kohl's--1 cute sweater skirt, 1 pink pullover sweater and a new black jacket
5. New boots
6. New coat from Dick's Sporting Goods
And from cousins/grandparents/aunts and uncles
1. Giftcards to Walmart;
Bath & Body Works--(where I got) 2 soaps, 1 hand cream and 1 mini body lotion (AG doll-size!)
Target--mascara, 2 new lipsticks, a concealer crayon stick and 1 sparkly nail polish
2. Fuzzy socks (:
3. A new robe
4. A guitar ornament
5. and money :P

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! XOXO

Monday, January 5, 2015

AGDS is back! :)

Hey everyone!
Yes, AG Dolly Sisters is {finally} back!  After neglecting this blog for too long, I've finally decided to make a reappearance.
I've planned out my posting schedule for the entire month of January.  Some new "events" I guess you could say are going to be added on to the blog, so I'll explain them below! :)

First of all, my new header!  I really love this and I've been trying to make one for a long time, so I finally decided to edit one!  You can see it above!
Second off, a posting schedule.  These are the days I'll be posting.
I'm also introducing a new video series--Mallory Monday!  Every other Monday Mallory will post a new video for her online "blog series" Mallory Monday.  Mallory Monday is not really going to be a show or anything--more like video updates from Mal--fashion, makeup, doll DIY, tags--videos like that.  The Monday Mallory doesn't post her videos will be AGDS Weekly.
Guess what's back?  Caption That Doll picture!  The next picture should be up in a week or two! :)

So that's all!  I made a Christmas Haul video, but it's having some technical difficulties so I might just take pictures and upload those!


~My Opinion: Grace Thomas GOTY 2015 & her Collection~

Hey everyone! :)  So to start off January, I've decided to do a "my opinion post" on GOTY 2015--Grace Thomas and her collection.  Let's get started! :)

So, here's Grace!  I looove Grace, and she's on my wish list of dolls (only 1 other, MAG 35).  Grace's story is fairly unique, but I absolutely adore her collection!  When I purchase her, I plan to rename her to Bella.  Since she's French, she's probably going to be Mallory's sister or cousin.  And her side bangs?  ADORABLE!  Her meet outfit?  ADORABLE! 

Here's Grace's baking outfit.  This is really cute, but probably not on my wish list.  For some weird reason, the cupcake pattern on the blue shirt is upside down?  I love her apron, though!  So that's a maybe!

I love, love, love her pajamas!  I love the light blue color, and her bangs look really cute in the side ponytail. This is on my wish list!

Grace's City Outfit.  Well, done Ag!  This totally looks like something a girl would wear today!  I love the white collar under the red sweater.  And her shorts?  Cute!  This is for sure on my wish list!  Couldn't you see Saige or Mallory wearing this?

This is pretty cute!  The only part I really like is her dress, her headband looks like something you'd find at the dollar store and her sandals are okay. :)

Grace's travel coat. Kudos to Ag, this is only $28!  When I saw it I expected some crazy price like $38!  Honestly, this coat is so adorable!  I love the light blue color!

Grace's baking set.  This is so cute, but I've seen one from Our Generation for $16-20.  This is $68.

Grace's French bakery.  This is sooo cute!  But it's $500.  WHAT?! 

Grace's French bulldog. Aww, I love the bow!

Grace's bistro set.  This looks like something that would be great for stop motioning!

Grace's travel set.  This is adorable!

Grace's pastry cart.  Um, not a big fan.  What's with all the curly cues?  This looks way overdone.

Grace's Paris accessories.  I love these! (:
Overall, her collection is cute and I love the blue!  It's definitely not as pink and overly girly as usual.  Bravo, Ag!  I love her collection!