Friday, January 16, 2015

~Introducing: Caption That Doll Picture!~

Hey guys!  Guess what!? :) Caption That Doll Picture has returned!  I'm so excited, because I haven't done a Caption That Doll Picture since Halloween 2013! 

So, I will begin either next Friday or Saturday.  I'll first post the picture, and you can leave a comment with your caption, email or PM it to me.  The following Thursday, I'll post my top 3 picks along with a poll in which you can vote for your favorite caption!  You have until Saturday to vote, and the winner will be posted along with the next caption that doll picture! :)
To make sure, would anyone be interested in participating?  My blog hasn't been as popular as it was a year or so ago since I haven't really been posting ;P


Please say kind and respectful things. No cussing, swearing or anything in any way. If you do, your comment will not be published. Thanks! :)