Thursday, February 28, 2013

Change of Plans: Update!!

Hey Girls!!  I've had a chance of plans on my birthday list, instead of asking for Cecile & her 2 outfits I've asked for.......(DRUMROLL)..............
Saige Doll & Book!  $110!
and Saige's Sweater Outfit!!
Sorry for the change of plans, I change my mind alot.  Hmmm...maybe I should get Molly instead...JK!
~Hope: PrincessAG~

How I Got My AG Doll's!

Hey AG Fans!
I bet your wondering how I got my dolls!  Let me tell you!
I got Ruthie for my birthday....ummmm....3 years ago?  Well, she was my first AG!  I had really been hoping for Samantha, but she was being expired!  I wouldn't have enough time to get her collection!  But when I saw Ruthie, I fell in love!  I'm so glad I got her!
When I got Ruthie, I was lucky enough to get her accessories, & her whole collection, except her PJ's.  I love her!
I got Mallory for my birthday 2 years ago.  I'd really been wanting her, she looks like me, and I was planning to name her Mallory!  I bought her with my birthday money, and we went to the shop and I got her ears pierced and her hair done, too!
I got Kit in Christmas 2011!  I'd been hoping for her, and with her I received a few outfits!  I loved Kit, and played with her all Christmas Day!  
Sydney Lee (OG):
I got Sydney Lee (our generation) while shopping at Target in Summer 2012.  I saw her price, only $33!  I wrote it down on a notepad, and a week later I made my dad take me back to buy her!!
Caroline is my newest doll, and I got her during January 2013 with Christmas money!  My mom and I went to the AG store, and I got her and a couple of outfits!  I love her!
Well, that's all!  Thanks for reading!
~Hope: PrincessAG~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Sequel Story with MarieGraceGardener

Hey, girls!!  I wrote an awesome sequel story to my story with MG (Marie-Grace)!!  It's the sequel to Friendship Chains Book 1 , please read it before you read this so you'll know who's who and what's happening! 
Friendship Chains: Book 2
~An AG Series by MarieGrace & PrincessAG~
(I wrote all the odd-numbered chapters, MarieGrace wrote the even-numbered ones).

Chapter 1
Gymnastics Tryouts

I, McKenna, was on my way to gymnastics practice, once again at Sparkle Studios (again). My gymnastics teacher, Neely, had told us she had a special announcment to make.  When I got there, all the girls were lined up against the walls, and it looked like I was the last one there (oops!).  "Hello, girls," Neely said, "thank you for coming.  Now, as you all know, every year around Valentine's Day, we have tryouts for the gymnastic team, and only 4 of you girls can go.  After that, you will be taken to state tryouts where only 2 out of each team can go.  I have to pick 4 of you to go, which will be hard. Auditions will be next week on Febuary 12th, so please come prepared. You don't have to audtion!"  We all looked around, whispering and giggling.  "Alright, anyone who wants to audition?"  she asked.  13 girls raised their hands, including me, AND, our best 2 gymnasts, Lily and Raini.  I sighed.  This would be hard, but I knew I could do it!
After an hour of gymnastics, I headed back to Brightstar House. I had to tell Saige and Jess about the team!! They would be so excited!!

Chapter 2
An Art Contest

Late again! I was going to be in BIG trouble with Logan. It was time for my bi weekly art class at Sparkle Studios. I ran in the door and took my regular spot behind my easel just as Logan began talking. I breathed a sigh of relief.
"Welcome, class!" Logan said. "As you know, this is the regular time for our art class, but I have a much bigger announcement." I sat forward in my seat , intrigued. "The neighboring school, Wildflower, and ours are holding a big art contest" she continued. "You can enter any painting you desire." I was sooo excited! Imagine, an art contest!
"You may begin the paintings for the contest today." She added. I couldn't decide what to pant without my friends, so I asked Logan if I could do something else today. She agreed, and I continued my drawing of a hot air balloon from the last class. But my whole mind was on the contest. What should I do? Finally, class let out, and I dashed down the path in search of my friends. Wait till they heard!

Chapter 3
Great News!

As I rushed into Brightstar House, I felt a wave of excitment.  I couldn't wait to tell Jess, Saige and Caroline!!  They would be so excited.  On my way in, I heard Lily say to Raini, "Don't worry, we'll defenitly get picked to go.  And for state, we'll defenitly win.  We're the best.  We're the only girls who can do 5 backbends in a row and flip."  Raini nodded nervously.  I sighed.  Lily and Raini always thought they would win every gymnastics contest!  But I figured it, since they were friends with the most mean girls in the school, Teressa and Stacey, who had once tried to ruin my friendship with Jess and Caroline, when I wasn't friends with Saige.
I got in there, but then I realized it was time for dinner. I went to the dinner room and all the girls were lined up.  We were having pizza, Saige's favorite (not mine, personally).  When I filled my plate, I found a table where Saige and Jess were sitting at (Caroline was sick, and hadn't gone to classes that day).  "Guys, I've got great news," I said.  "So have I!" cried Saige, "I just wanted to wait to tell you!"  "Ok, you go first," I said.  "I'm trying out for an art contest Wildflower is having!" Saige cried, breathlessly.  "Omigosh!" I said, "I'm trying out for a GYMNASTICS contest!"  Jess giggled and said, "this is so awesome you guys!"

Chapter 4
Even more Great News!

Anna-Lynn nodded her agreement.
"What do you have to do in your gymnastics tournament?" I asked.
"Well, I'll be doing a floor exercise, a vault, an uneven bars routine, and a balance beam routine." A slight frown crossed over McKenna's face. I hadn't the slightest clue what a few of those things were, but it sounded fun. While I was thinking, Jess was talking.
"What's exactly going on with your art contest?" Jess asked.
"Well, I'm supposed to paint a picture of anything I choose, and then enter it." I said. "Do you have any ideas on what I should paint? I'm stumped." I wanted something truly unique, something no one else would do.
"How about a hot air balloon in the sky, with horses grazing down below." Anna-Lynn suggested.
"That's a great idea!" I exclaimed, and then wished I hadn't. I had caught the attention of a girl at a neighboring table, Stacey. Stacey had tried to break up all of us' friendship with Teressa before, and I still didn't trust her. Worse, she was in my art class and thought she was just fantastic. She annoyed everyone, including Logan. Would she stoop so low as to steal Anna-Lynn's idea that she gave me?

Chapter 5

The next day, as I went to gymnastics practice, thinking about how hard the balance beam routine would be! Neely said it would be fine, she'd work on it with me a lot! But I still worried. Saige had asked me about a million times what the matter was, but all I had said was "um....nothing."
When I got there, I saw Lily on the balance beam. She did backbends, and FLIPPED over! Ok, I could do backbends, but flips? To get in to the contest, I HAD to flip! The judges would love it! But then I got the sinking feeling. Ugh, I should stop thinking about that!

After gymnastics, I had yoga class with Caroline again. Neely suggested I take yoga, it went good with gymnastics. I sighed as I walked in, I hoped I would just forget about it.

Chapter 6

I was late...again! As I rushed down the path to Sparkle Studios, I worried about McKenna. I knew that frown that she had done last afternoon; something was wrong. I must've asked her a thousand times what the matter was, but she always said: "nothing" and looked away. But I had another problem right this second: trying to keep from being thrown out of art class for being late! It was five minutes after eleven when I finally got to the studios. Class was supposed to have started at eleven. As I slid into my seat, Stacey leaned over.
"Late again, huh?" She said with a look I didn't like. But I wasn't going to let her know she bothered me. With a slight fluff of a curl, I turned and ignored her.
"Welcome!" Logan said. "Today we will continue work on our paintings for the art contest." Well, for me, it was more starting. I was going to use Anna-Lynn's idea, and I couldn't wait to see how it turned out. We all had our started paintings on our easels; all on canvas. I couldn't help but peek around the room at he started paintings. They were all so pretty! But my mood entirely dropped to my toes when I saw Stacey's canvas. The painting was barely started, but I could already see that she had stolen Anna-Lynn's idea. I was fuming! And it didn't help when she turned and saw me looking.
"Oh, do you like it?" She asked, pretending to me sweet but in a condescending tone of voice. I said nothing. How could she? That was Anna-Lynn's idea! But it made no difference. I couldn't prove that it had been Anna-Lynn's idea, and now I was without an idea for the art contest. She wasn't going to get away with this!

Chapter 7

As I was on my way home from yoga class, I ran into Saige, who seemed REALLY angry about something. "What's the matter?" I asked, with much curiosity. "Stacey," Saige replied, "she totally stole Anna-Lynn's idea!" "She did? That is so wrong!" I said, "what are you going to do?" "We-" and Saige was interrupted by Stacey, walking to Brightstar House with Teressa, Lily and Raini. She gave a snooty laugh. "Aw, Saige, are you upset?" She said mockingly, in a voice. "Leave her alone, you copycat," I said to Stacey. She gave Saige a mean look. "Listen, if you try to get in my way, you will SO go down, you hear me?" Stacey said. Saige glared at her, "you aren't the boss of me!" "Yeah," I said, with my hands on my hips. "C'mon girls, we've got some contests to win," Stacey said. She walked off, with the others following her. "Don't listen to her," I told Saige, "she's just all talk." Saige nodded, but I could tell it bothered her.

Chapter 8
Now what?

I walked back to Brightstar House with McKenna, then went to my room, I was pretty shaken up by Stacey, though I didn't want to admit it. I was true she'd stolen my idea, but I still couldn't prove it. I had to prove that she had; it wasn't fair to me and Anna-Lynn. And worse, I didn't have one single idea for the contest. My blood ran hot whenever I heard her in my mind saying: "if you get in my way, you'll so go down!" It made me so mad! I had to get back at her. I went off to find Jess for an idea. I found her in her room. When I told her, Jess looked almost as mad as me!
"We have to do something!" She said.
"I know. I just can't think of anything!"
"Well, what we really need to do is let Logan and the Wildflower teachers know she did that. In the meantime, I have an idea for your painting. You can paint Georgia."
"Yes, that's a good idea!" And then my mind came up with a great plan! "Jess!"
"It seems like what Stacey wants to do is steal my ideas. If I paint a picture of Georgia in class, she's sure to switch. When she does, I'll just continue painting my picture of Georgia, and she'll assume that I'll get in trouble for copying her. I truth, I'll be painting a picture of Anna-Lynn's original idea in my room, and wheat he contest comes, I'll enter that! Stacey will be so mad! And it'll teach a good lesson for stealing ideas." The whole time, Jess's eyes had been lighting up.
"That's a great idea!" She said. As we both sprung up the stairs to McKenna's room, I was satisfied.

Chapter 8
Saige's Plan
I giggled as Saige told me her plan for art class. I gave her thumbs up, and she smiled as we walked in . Saige was allowed to bring guests to class, and luckily, we were there on time. "Hi girls!" Logan said, "McKenna, why don't I introduce origami to you? That's the project today!" As Logan showed me the origami project, I glanced over at Saige. Strangely, Stacey was not there. Suddenly, the door opened and Stacey walked in. She gave a fake smile and sat down. When she saw Saige's picture, her smile turned into a frown. She picked her picture up, quietly walked to the trash and threw it away. Logan turned around and said, "Stacey, where's your contest entry? Your painting?" "Um, I'm redoing it," Stacey said, grabbing another piece of paper and paints. Saige and I exchanged a grin, as she began to draw a horse's head. Stacey gave a mean and triumph look to Saige.
After class, I met up with Saige. "Saige, did you see? She's copying you again!" I cried, giggling. "It's great!" Cried Saige, "she'll really be shocked when she sees your picture!" Saige and I giggled again
Chapter 10
It's Working Great!

As McKenna and I left my art class, I couldn't keep from giggling. It was so funny how Stacey thought she was going to get away with copying me again. McKenna had almost finished a flower in origami, and wow, was she good! I'm terrible at origami, I can't ever get the paper to fold right.
"Hey, McKenna", I said.
"Why don't you enter the art contest too? You're really good at origami; probably ten times better than me!"
"Really?" She looked surprised. "But I didn't think I was that good, and the girls at Wildflower are probably 100 times better!"
"No, I think you should."
"Well, I'll think about it."
"Ok". After that we asked along uneventfully, at least, until we reached Starlight Library. There was Stacey again, this time with only Lily and Teressa.
"Well!" She said. "I see you're copying me again! No sooner did I start a horse then you did too! Really, that's bad sportsmanship." She said with a fluff of her hair. Lily and Teressa giggled. That was way too much for me to take. I simply marched past them and stuck my tongue out the way. And then I instantly felt bad about it. But McKenna squeezed my hand; I guess she understood. Well, won't Stacey be surprised when she finds out that I did something different after all! I thought satisfactorily.

Chapter 11
As I walked back Brightstar House, I thought about Saige's suggestion.  Oragami?  I had to admit, the flower I did was pretty good.  But I knew how much this art contest meant to Saige, and if I won....well, Saige would be heartbroken.....
I had to admit, I probably wouldn't win.  Maybe I would go for it, after all, I might get the chance of getting 2nd or 3rd?  I wondered about it on my way to my dorm.  Unfourantley, I had been keeping my head down, and smacked right into Stacey.  "Watch where you're going!" Stacey hissed, "clumsy!"  I scowled.  Nobody calls McKenna Brooks clumsy!!  "Take that back," I said.  I sighed.  Stacey was so mean.  I kept walking, when I saw Jess.
"Hi, McKenna!" she called, "ok, well guess what?  Wildflower is ALSO doing a photography contest and I'M entering!"  I smilied and gave her a thumbs up.  "Teressa is entering, too, so just in case, I'm taking a fake photo so she doesn't copy," Jess said.  I nodded.  "Teressa isn't really the copying type," I said.
Chapter 12
Rain and Glue

I was walking along the path towards Starfire Boathouse. It was a glorious day, and the sun was shining. Ok, there were a few dark clouds, but they can't overdo the sun, right? I had a canoeing lesson with Emmy in fifteen minutes, and I was looking forward to it. I was only hoping that I wouldn't see Raini, Teressa, Lily, or Stacey and ruin my mood. I skipped along the path, swinging my pool goggles as I went. Soon, the huge boathouse came into view. I walked into the building, where Emmy was doing something with a shiny canoe. There were lots of other girls there, but there was no sign of them. Good! Emmy waved me over.
"This is a new canoe", she said. "What do you think?" I took in the long,sleek boat, and then said: "it's very pretty!"
"I agree!" She said. "Come on! Let's go out to the dock and start on your lesson." I followed her out the back door, pulling off my swimming cover up as I went. Emmy had told me to war my bathing suit. Emmy and I hopped in the boat, and Emmy started us off, pulling strong with her arms. We were about half way out, with me getting the hang of rowing, when Emmy said to try rowing alone. I thought I could do it, so I said ok. No sooner had I started, then I heard mocking laughter from the dock. I turned my head, fearing the worst. I was right. Lily, Raini, and Stacey stood on the dock, laughing at me.
"Look at the beginner!" Stacey said, like it was a criminal thing to be a beginner.
"Yeah, I can't believe Emmy is letting her row the boat herself!" Raini added. I was mad! Stupidly, I stood up in the boat and yelled: "I'm doing just fine!" At that instant, I fell out of the boat! How could I be so stupid? I chided myself. Of course if you stand up in a boat, you fall out! I surfaced, only to hear the girls laughing even harder. Emmy wasn't she was shooting them poison dart eyes. Then, it started to rain! And hard! Yuck!
"Do you want me to try and pull you back in?" Emmy shouted over the rain.
"No! I might tip the boat, and then you'll fall out too. I can just swim back." She nodded. Emmy started off, and so did I. I never had known before that I could swim so hard. But I was mad. By the time, we got to the dock, both of us were soaked. We hurried inside the boathouse to the changing rooms, where I took one changing room and Emmy took one on the other side of the aisle. Evidently, I picked the wrong one, because soon I heard the girls' voices in the next stall. I hopped up on the little bench so they wouldn't see my feet and listened closer. It was Lily and Raini.
"I can't wait to see McKenna's face!" Lily was saying. McKenna? What nasty trick were they planning now?
"Did you get that invisible glue?" Raini continued. Glue? What could they possibly want with glue?
"Yup! Once we spread this stuff on the balance beam right before McKenna's turn, she'll never get off! And needless to say, she won't win! We will!" The two girls giggled evilly. I sat down on the bench with a thunk. I couldn't let them do that to McKenna. Not after how hard she'd worked! I jumped up, threw on my clothes, and hurried out. Emmy was waiting.
"I have to go." I said, not even waiting to hear her answer. Going against the driving rain, I struggle up the steep hill to Brightstar House. I had to tell McKenna!

Chapter 13

Plan Backfired
As I was walking home from school that day at InnerStarU university, Saige ran up to me in a hurry. "Kenna!" She called. "Yeah?" I replied, "you're soaked! Come under the umbrella!" "You're lucky you have rain boots and a sweater on," Saige remarked, looking at my outfit. Purple cowl neck sweater, denim skirt, lavender leggings and rain boots. "I checked my InnerPad, it said so," I replied (inner pads are like iPads but InnerStarU makes them). "Well, anyways, I just heard Lily, Stacey, Teressa and Raini talking, they're sticking glue on the balance beam for auditions to make you ruin your audition!" I gasped. Then I began giggling. "What?" Saige asked, looking confused. "I just got the best idea!" I said. "What?" Saige said. "Ok, so Raini is right before me, we go by last name order. Mine is Brooks, hers is Briggs! She goes right before me, so when she finishes, she'll probably stick the glue on the beam, right?" Saige nodded. "Well, then I'll go. Right after me, Lily goes since her last name is Conners. I can ask Neely to go last, to go to the bathroom or something. Then Lily will have no choice but go, and she'll get stuck!" We both laughed. The joke would be on them!

Chapter 14
The Art Contest

I felt tons better after talking with Kenna. I knew that there was no way that those mean girls' plans would work. I waved bye to her and ran back to Brightstar House as quickly as I could. The sky had cleared up, and I needed to work on my real entry for the art contest. I hurried into my room as pulled my art supplies, mixing my favorite colors to create my specialty: sparkly royal purple. Setting up my easel,I began to paint.
I worked hard all week, since the contest was on Saturday. It had to be done on Friday, because the art contest was at 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. Then I would rush to Good Sports Center to watch McKenna's gymnastics tournament. Finally, the day of the contest dawned bright and early. I wrapped up my carefully panted masterpiece in a towel, and carried it to Sparkle Studios. Everywhere I looked,there was more girls. I headed inside, avoiding Stacey, and set up my painting on the easel farthest from hers. She didn't even have time to sneak a peek at it, because just as I stepped to the side of my painting, a great microphone sounded. It was Neely.
"Welcome, girls, to the annual InnerStarU and Wildflower art contest!" I looked across the room at McKenna, who was with the origami contestants. And then I saw her origami. It was beautiful! No, it was more than beautiful! McKenna had recreated a perfect rose, with a hummingbird perched on it. It was by far the best. I caught her eye and gave her a quick smile, which she returned. By now, the judge was walking around the tables, inspecting the art. My heart pounded so much, I was sure everyone could hear it. Stacey was smiling smugly. And I couldn't help but smile to myself. Boy, will she be surprised. Finally, the judge was done, and stepped up to the microphone to announce the winners.
"You all did lovely works of art", she began, "but these are our winners." She stopped, building the suspense, I guess. By now, I was so nervous, my head was light. "Starting with third prize," she continued," we have Abigail Owens from Wildflower!" A slender blond haired girl stood up and accepted the third prize ribbon, while everyone applauded. "For second prize, we have Diana Fisher from InnerStarU!" Diana stood up and accepted the second prize ribbon. I had talked to Diana around campus before, and she was really nice, so I was happy for her. But now, I was more nervous than ever. Either me or McKenna would take possession of the gorgeous first place trophy. Which one would it be? But now, the judge was talking again. "For first prize, we have McKenna Brooks and Saige Copeland of InnerStarU! Both your masterpieces were so good, there had to be a tie!" I couldn't believe it! Both of us? That was the best thing ever! I held hands with McKenna as we both walked up to the platform, hand in hand, and we both accepted the trophy, glowing. I was as happy as I could ever be, and the icing was Stacey's face, with her mouth hanging open! But now, it was time for McKenna's gymnastics tournament. To Good Sports Center!

Chapter 15

In the locker room at Good Sports Center, as I put sparkly leotard on, I heard Raini and Lily walk in. "McKenna is so going down," lily said, "so remember, put the glue on when you're up, ok?" I peeked out and saw Raini nod. "Great," said Lily, "looks like its starting!" Raini and lily walked out. I sighed. I remembered what Josie taught me when I was little, blue skies in, gray skies out. I took a deep breath, got my gym ID ready, and headed toward the gymnastics area.
When I got there, the 3 judges were just arriving. They gave us time to warm up, as they got everything ready. Finally, the first judge got up and said "Welcome to the InnerStarU Gymnastics Auditions! Auditions may begin." They began to call all the A last names which were two-some girl named Annie Waller and Karen Akina (Kanani's sister). Finally, they called "Raini Briggs!" Raini walked up and began her audition, balance beam last (as I had guessed!). I walked up to Neely. "Neely, may I go last? I have to go to the bathroom," I said. Neely nodded. I walked off, but hid behind the door!). I heard Raini finish and the judges clap, and they called out. "McKenna Brooks!" Neely walked over to them and whispered something, and they said, "We will come back to McKenna Brooks and go on with Lily Conners." I clapped my hands together in excitement. Lily's own prank was in her!
She said, "um, why doesn't the next girl go? I--". "No more excuses," the judges said, "go!" Lily gave an angry face and walked up to the floor. She did everything, except the balance beam. She stopped. "Balance beam next," the second judge said. "Um, we'll-". "Get on with it!" The third judge said.
Lily walked up, positioned herself, flipped did backbends, and right when she got up, she froze. "Arg!" Lily cried, "someone stuck glue here! It was a prank!" The judges looked at each other. "It's McKenna brooks! She's always playing pranks!" Lily cried. The judges looked astonished. "Right, Raini?" Lily said. "Uh-" "RIGHT RAINI?" Lily yelled louder. "No," said Raini, "lily and I did it for a prank. We wanted to get Mckenna brooks! But, McKenna asked to go to the bathroom, and so lily got stuck. I apologize, I'm so sorry!" "RAINI!" Lily yelled loudly. "Lily Conners is disqualified from the contest," the first judge said. "WHAT?" Cried lily in shock.

I walked out just in time, and lily glared at me. After everyone went, they called, "and last, McKenna Brooks!" I squeezed my hands. This was it! I raced to the floor. I gave a quick wave, and began
After doing most everything, it was time for the beam. I got up, did 5 backbends in a row. I decided to flip. "You can do this," I told myself. I flipped back. I DID IT!
The judges clapped and said it was time to judge. Later, they said "we've got the qualifiers!"
"The 1st qualifier is Karen Akina," they said. Karen ran out and bowed. "The second state qualifier is Lydia Ora," they announced. "The 3rd state qualifier is Raini Briggs!" I crossed my fingers. "And the last, is McKenna Brooks!" I almost screamed!

Chapter 16
Another Happy Ending

I rushed to the locker room in Good Sports Center to congratulate McKenna. I was so happy for her! When I got back to the lockers, I looked for her. There she was! McKenna was putting her gym towel away in her locker, when I came rushing up.
"McKenna!" I nearly screeched, "I'm so happy for you!"
"I am too!" She said. "The only thing that is yucky about all of this is that I have to be on the team with Raini. Yuck!" She made a disgusted face, and I laughed. Suddenly I remembered something. Jess' photography contest! It was today, and in fifteen minutes! We couldn't miss it!
"McKenna! We forgot Jess' contest!" A look of horror gripped McKenna's face.
"Oh, no! Well, look, it's being held at the spirit center. I'll just put my clothes on over my leotard and if we run fast, we may make it." I nodded, which was good, since McKenna had already pulled on her shorts. She yanked her shirt over her head, and we rushed down the path toward the spirit center. We slipped in the door just as Paige was announcing the start of the contest. I spotted Jess in the middle, with Teressa right next to her. Teressa? You've gotta be kidding me! I guess McKenna thought the same thing, because her mouth was hanging open. By the time we got over it, the judge was announcing the winners.
"Third prize goes to Amelia Cod of Wildflower! Second prize goes to Teressa Williams! And first prize goes to Jesa McConnell!" McKenna and I applauded, but we were still shocked. Jess walked over, holding her monstrous first place ribbon, with Teressa behind her.
"McKenna and Saige", Jess began, "I know we've had some problems with Teressa, but she has apologized, and asked for a second chance. What do you say?" McKenna and I looked at each other, and them I looked at Teressa. I could tell she was sincere, but she was embarrassed.
"Yes." McKenna and I said at the same time. Jess looked relieved, and so did Teressa.
"I'm really, really sorry about everything I did." Teressa said. "Thank you for being my friend. I can't say that Lily, Raini, or Stacey will sto being mean, but you can count on me to stop." I smiled.
"How about we go to Star Student Center and get ice cream to celebrate?" McKenna asked.
"Yes!!!!" all of us chorused wholeheartedly. We trooped over to Star Student Center and ordered our fav flavors: coconut for me; strawberry for McKenna; vanilla for Jess; and very berry for Teressa. As we licked our ice cream cones and talked and laughed, I knew all of our bullying problems were over.

~The End~
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEWS!! Build-a-Bear Clothes Fit AG's!

Hey AG Fans,
Today I was thinking about getting more AG outfits, and it struck me!  Why not try putting on Build-a-bear outfits??  Here's a photostory I made, with a photoshot.
Ruthie settled down on the floor, leaning against a pillow, and retrieved her "Attic Ghost" mystery she had recieved for her birthday, Kit had written herself.  As she began to read, Mallory walked in.

"Hey, Ruthie!!  Whatcha doin?" (LOOK AT HER CUTE OUTFIT!)
Ruthie gasped.  "Oh, wow, Mal!  That's so cute, where'd you get that?"
Here's a fun photoshoot I did of my dolls trying on BAB stuff.
Here's the first dress, it looks perfect for a nice occasion!!  Mallory looks FAB in it!
A few more outfits to go!
OOOOO!  Look at this one!  My favorite and Mal's, too!!  Look how pretty it is!!  STUNNING!
Are the ruffles adorable? 
The sequins and the pink bow really add some "flavor" to the dress.
Here's Mal in the dress pictured first.
Isn't the purple bow cute?
Here's Mal in an outfit, the leggings are a bit baggy, but everything else looks PERFECT!
Haha!  Look at these cute bunny ears I found!!  Perfect for Easter!
OOOOO!  A tiara!
OOOO!  Two tiaras!
Look at this peace scarf!!  Perfect accessory!
CUTE!!  This looks like a perfect spring or summer-time outfit!
Look at all these AG sized purses I found!
Mallory models the Hello Kitty purse!
Ruthie models the cute black purse!
Mallory models the matching handbag to the purple dress!
and Ruthie models the animal-print bag!
WHEW!!  That was ALOT of stuff!!  Thanks to the modelers-Mal and Ruthie!
I think I'll use the hot pink box to store accessories, instead!  (Besides, I found a white thing to store stuffed animals!)
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Have you tried fitting your Build-a-bear's clothes on an AG doll?

Monday, February 25, 2013

AG Catalog Came in the Mail!

Hello AG Fans,
My new AG catalog came in the mail!!  It's got new super cute outfits, which I've been seeing on different girl's blogs!  Sorry the pictures are from the catalog, I didn't have the time to get them from the AG website :(!  Well, let's get started!
Here's Ruthie with the catalog!!  (Sorry, bad picture!)

I think it's supposed to be "spring-themed" even though where I live we are supposed to get 6-12 more inches of snow!
Look at all the MAG's!  And, there's even more online!
New dresses!!  They look adorable!
Sorry this is side-ways!!  But look at the cute new softball outfit!

WOWIE!!  New bike set & biking outfit!  (A bit overpriced if you ask me!)
New spa stuff!!  Sorry again, it's side-ways!  (IF YA HAVEN'T NOTICED!!  Lol!)
A Starry Doll Hanger!!  Hang your DOLL on the WALL!!  Argh, I'm rhyming!! 
Caroline & her calf!!  So cute, sorry it's sideways!
Molly's new PJ's!!  SORRY IT'S SIDEWAYS!!
Molly's new yellow bed.  Guess what I'm going to say?  Yup, you guessed it!!  Sorry it's sideways!
There's a new Care & Keeping of You Book 2!!!  Awesome!!  Sorry it's sideways!!
That's all for now, sorry so many pictures were sideways!
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Has your catalog arrived yet?

AG Protest! Stop Retirement!

Hey AG Fans,
On the AGFMB (*American Girl Fan Message Board), we are protesting against the retirment of dolls.  We meet on the board on Tuesday's and Thursday's (7:00 PM Central Time) and Saturday's (4:00 PM Central Time).  We'd love to have any MEMBERS OF THE BOARD join!  Here is our team:
Vice President,Madison,Madcat
Assistant President,Abbie,Abbiewarmheart51
Head of Chair,Katrina,KatrinaAGstudios
Assistant Chairman,Marcia,MarciaBrady

Secretary,Anna-Marie,Doll House Diva

Secretary, MarieGrace,MarieGraceGardener!

Here is the letter President Jackie will send:
Dear American Girl,

We love every American Girl Doll and pet your company has ever made,But when you retire something,It can't make a difference.There's girls all over the country that wanted that outfit for their dolls because it would look cute on their dolls.

My point is that I would like you to reconsider on the retirement items and resell them.It doesn't matter if this store gets much of these sold than this store.It is sad and makes some girls cry when something is retired.They might reconsider this company and Transfer to another company that doesn't retire items.

You should study the other companies for girls,like Justice.When I go there,I don't see anything retired their.

Thank you for your cooperation,

President of the Stop Retirement Club,

Thanks, girls!!  Do you like our group?  I'd love to hear in a comment!
~Hope: PrincessAG~


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Show Us! Sunday-Feb 24th

Hey AG Fans,
Yay!!  I'm so happy to share the pictures everyone sent in!

From Jan, Helen looks so cute in her hat!
From Cindy, look at Cindy, Cindy's new doll!
Thanks, girls for sending your pictures in!!  If you would like to send one in please email it to , or leave a link to a photo on the Message Board or in a comment, and I will post it on here ;)
~Hope: PrincessAG~

Guess That Doll #3 Results!

Hi Everyone!!
Thanks so much for voting, and I've got the results now!!  Let's go!
1. Doll Number 1:
GWEN!!  Gwen was voted by...Dakota, MarieGraceGardener, Abbiewarmheart51 and Kirstenlover

2. Doll Number 2:

JLY 51!  JLY 51 was guessed by no one, surprisngly!! 
3. Doll Number 3 was.....

Nellie!!  Nellie was guessed by Kananirulz, MarieGraceGardener, HarukaMiku and Kirstenlover.
Check back tommorow for more dolls!
~Hope: PrincessAG~