Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sydney Lee's Snow Day: Photostory

Sydney Lee woke up, and to her surprise, the whole neighborhood was covered in a blanket of white!!  SNOW! 
Sydney hurry and put her snow gear on (well, she shared it), and got permission from Mom to go out.  She walked outside.  WOW!
Everything, including the table, was covered with snow!!  She looked around as she saw the next door neighbor's making snow-forts and having snowball fights.  What fun!

Don't the boots to the Snow Flurry Outfit look so cute?  I LOVE them!  Especially the little white balls on the ends.

I LOVE this picture!!  Sydney Lee looks so cute!  Can you see our playset in the background? ;)

Look at the footprints on our deck in the snow!!  Hehe, is that mom's footprints?

ANOTHER cute picture!!  It really brings out those green eyes!

Sydney Lee looked off the deck to the site below!!  WOWEY!  "I'm up high!" Sydney cried.  "Sydney!  Time to come in!" cried Ruthie, "Mom says so!"  Sydney walked back inside.

After a cup of hot cocoa, Sydney changed out of her snow clothes.

Aren't these blue yarn mittens so cute?  It looks AMAZE!!  (Hehe ;)!)

Sydney took her blue mittens off, and began to slip her coat off.

Underneath, she was wearing another jacket.  Hehe, it sure was cold :)!

Kit walked by, camera in hand.  "Hi, Sydney Lee, how was the snow?"  "Good," said Sydney Lee.

"What's that camera for?" Sydney asked.

"A school report, I'm supposed to take pictures that have something to do with weather, any ideas?"  "Hmmm...." said Sydney Lee, "oh!  Why don't you take some of the snow outside!?"  "Great idea!" said Kit,

"I'm going to go take some now!"
The End
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~Hope: PrincessAG~
P.S. Isn't the pink camera so cute?  I got it for a Christmas gift years ago, and I never realized it was doll size! But now, it goes perfect with my dolls!

Look at this edit!!  Isn't it so cute for a title picture? ;)


  1. OH MY GOSH! This is SO cute..........I ALMOST CHOKED OVER A CUTENESS OVERLOAD! ADORABLE job! We have the Snow Flurry Outfit, too! Haha, what a coincidence! Once again, ADORABLE post, keep up the great work with you and your blog! I love it! I wish I could follow, bu I share a google account with my mom's dad, and if I follow, there is a picture of MY MOM'S DAD ON THE FOLLOW THING! I don't want people thinkin' I'm a man! lol. Keep up the great work, hope! Love your blog!!!!


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