Monday, February 25, 2013

AG Protest! Stop Retirement!

Hey AG Fans,
On the AGFMB (*American Girl Fan Message Board), we are protesting against the retirment of dolls.  We meet on the board on Tuesday's and Thursday's (7:00 PM Central Time) and Saturday's (4:00 PM Central Time).  We'd love to have any MEMBERS OF THE BOARD join!  Here is our team:
Vice President,Madison,Madcat
Assistant President,Abbie,Abbiewarmheart51
Head of Chair,Katrina,KatrinaAGstudios
Assistant Chairman,Marcia,MarciaBrady

Secretary,Anna-Marie,Doll House Diva

Secretary, MarieGrace,MarieGraceGardener!

Here is the letter President Jackie will send:
Dear American Girl,

We love every American Girl Doll and pet your company has ever made,But when you retire something,It can't make a difference.There's girls all over the country that wanted that outfit for their dolls because it would look cute on their dolls.

My point is that I would like you to reconsider on the retirement items and resell them.It doesn't matter if this store gets much of these sold than this store.It is sad and makes some girls cry when something is retired.They might reconsider this company and Transfer to another company that doesn't retire items.

You should study the other companies for girls,like Justice.When I go there,I don't see anything retired their.

Thank you for your cooperation,

President of the Stop Retirement Club,

Thanks, girls!!  Do you like our group?  I'd love to hear in a comment!
~Hope: PrincessAG~


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