Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kit's Day Outside

Hello AG Fans,
Hello everyone!!  Kit had a day outside today (well, yesterday is when the photos were taken)...but, here's some pictures:
Hello, it's me, Kit!!  Well, today (yesterday) was REALLY fun because Mom took me outside, and I did lots of fun things!!  Here are some things I did!
Here's me, on the big purple swing hanging to our playset in our backyard.  I'm wearing lots of warm clothes, it sure is cold out!

Here's a far-away!!  Oooh, mud!!  (Don't be alarmed-I like mud!!  Lol!)

Then I went to the big swing!!  Time to swing, yay!!

Here's a close-up!

Then I decided it was time to go to the front yard, so I walked back up the stairs.

Here's me, on the rocking chair!!  I couldn't sit down because it was dusty.  And I was borrowing  Mal's shirt, and she is really TOUCHY about her clothes 'cause she's a "fashionista."
Here's a really cute close-up Mom took!
And another!
Good-bye everyone!!  Please check out more posts tommorow (I will stop hogging the blog, lol!)
~Hope: PrincessAG & Kit!~
Have you ever taken your doll outside?  Have you done anything Kit has?


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