Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEWS!! Build-a-Bear Clothes Fit AG's!

Hey AG Fans,
Today I was thinking about getting more AG outfits, and it struck me!  Why not try putting on Build-a-bear outfits??  Here's a photostory I made, with a photoshot.
Ruthie settled down on the floor, leaning against a pillow, and retrieved her "Attic Ghost" mystery she had recieved for her birthday, Kit had written herself.  As she began to read, Mallory walked in.

"Hey, Ruthie!!  Whatcha doin?" (LOOK AT HER CUTE OUTFIT!)
Ruthie gasped.  "Oh, wow, Mal!  That's so cute, where'd you get that?"
Here's a fun photoshoot I did of my dolls trying on BAB stuff.
Here's the first dress, it looks perfect for a nice occasion!!  Mallory looks FAB in it!
A few more outfits to go!
OOOOO!  Look at this one!  My favorite and Mal's, too!!  Look how pretty it is!!  STUNNING!
Are the ruffles adorable? 
The sequins and the pink bow really add some "flavor" to the dress.
Here's Mal in the dress pictured first.
Isn't the purple bow cute?
Here's Mal in an outfit, the leggings are a bit baggy, but everything else looks PERFECT!
Haha!  Look at these cute bunny ears I found!!  Perfect for Easter!
OOOOO!  A tiara!
OOOO!  Two tiaras!
Look at this peace scarf!!  Perfect accessory!
CUTE!!  This looks like a perfect spring or summer-time outfit!
Look at all these AG sized purses I found!
Mallory models the Hello Kitty purse!
Ruthie models the cute black purse!
Mallory models the matching handbag to the purple dress!
and Ruthie models the animal-print bag!
WHEW!!  That was ALOT of stuff!!  Thanks to the modelers-Mal and Ruthie!
I think I'll use the hot pink box to store accessories, instead!  (Besides, I found a white thing to store stuffed animals!)
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Have you tried fitting your Build-a-bear's clothes on an AG doll?

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