Monday, February 18, 2013

Books Update!

Hello AG Fans,
Today, after breakfast (well, brunch), we stopped by the bookstore, and I found some AG books, as well as some others!!  I'm so excited to say, my parents agreed to buy them!! 
Hello, it's me, Kit!!  Ok, well today we went book-shopping and we got AG books!  Here's what we got:

We got Molly Takes Flight!!  It's a book for US!!  Mom will still read it, but so will we, since it's doll-sized.  Kind of.  It was only $1.98!

We also got the WHOLE Samantha pack/series for $14.99!

The Samantha pack includes Meet Samantha, Samantha Learns a Lesson, Samantha's Surprise, Happy Birthday, Samantha!, Samantha Saves the Day and Changes for Samantha.
We also got another book from the series, The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes by Anne Mazer.  It's called Reach for the Stars.  Have you ever read this book before, or any books from the series?
These are all the Abby Hayes books Mom has now.  Reach for the Stars (left), Out of Sight, Out of Mind (middle), Some Things Never Change (right).
A couple of days ago, Mom went to the same bookstore, but she got these 3 books, and the Abby Hayes book, "Some Things Never Change."  These books are from the Baby-Sitters Club series, have you ever read any of these or any from the series? 
These are all the Baby-Sitters Club books Mom has.  She has 11! 
Here's a close-up of a few
Another close-up!
Thanks for reading!!  See you next time!!  Bye, from Kit and Hope!
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Do you have any of these books?  Which ones?  Any others?
American Girl Book Count-Update 2/18/13 32 BOOKS!!

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