Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Girl Fall/Winter 2013 Release

Hey girls!
I thought I'd post my opinion on the American Girl Fall/Winter 2013 release.  But first some updates:
So I got awarded! Thanks so much to TL at and Hannah from Please check their blogs out!  I'll do the reward post later today or sometime this weekend (including Labor Day xD)
Okay!  Here's my opinions!

AWWW have you seen the new Bitty Babies?  ADORABLE!!!  I mean AG/Bitty Baby totally needed to add some more Bitty's. :D

THESE.  ARE.  ADORABLE.  I SOOOO WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are soooo cute, the colors are perfect (I love blue), and everything about it is magnificent!

Ehhhh.  I don't really like this outfit.  I mean the colors look kinda funny, the shorts are poofy (xD) and yeah.  :P
This is acutally pretty cute!  I love the boots and the coat! :)


This is also very cute, but I like the red holiday dress better. 

This is okay :P I wouldn't really get it myself, but the skirt looks kinda cute.

Ehhh.  I really liked McKenna's ALOT better.  But still, this is pretty cute and I might get it for Ivy when I get her!

Hmm I don't know what to think!  I mean, I might get it, but the green?  Ehhhh.  It looks pretty cute, but some things are just for decoration and really couldn't be used.

AHHHH.  Seriously??  I already have a salon chair, and I could not see myself getting this but AHHHHH!!!

The new gymnastics set.  Seriously?  I mean look at this:

IT'S THE SAME AS KENNA'S!  Yes, I know, they made lots of money on Kenna's set so they make this thing.  But it's the EXACT SAME.  Except for the colors and the different designs on the mat, the EXACT SAME!!  AHHHH!  And I also like Kenna's mat's colors better :P

This is so cute!!!  I like the snowman and the tube :P

I love this! But I couldn't see myself getting it. but maybe ;)

New books!  This book looks pretty cool, but I really couldn't see myself purchasing this for myself.  :)

This is also pretty cool, but I'm not really an artist xD

This acutally looks pretty cool!  I think I might get it!
And there are several other books!
Well that's all!  Hope you liked!
Comment your opinion(s)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Missing Tiara Part 3

Guess what time it is?? Part 3 time!  xD So here's Part 3!  Enjoy, and please comment what you think!

It was a bright sunny morning and Kit was taking Meatloaf on a walk. She still hadn't found out what happened to Sydney Lee's tiara.

Meatloaf stopped to play with a butterfly when Kit and Meatloaf heared an ear-piercing scream.

Kit turned to see Mallory.  "What?" asked Kit.  "FASHION EMERGENCY!" cried Mallory, "LOOK AT YOUR DRESS!!!?  NO ACCESSORIES?  AND YOUR SHOES-Kit, you should know Mary Janes are SO LAST SEASON!"

"Ugh.  Whatever, Mal, who cares about fashion anyway?"

Mallory gasped and strutted off as if she were on a fashion runway.  Kit sighed and rolled her eyes, when she saw Ruthie and Sydney Lee walk over.

"Hey!" said Sydney Lee, hand in hand with Ruthie.  What? Kit thought, Earlier when I asked if Ruthie would want to come on a walk, she said she was too busy.  But right now she's hanging out with Sydney Lee? 

"Have you found my tiara yet?" asked Sydney Lee.

"Um, no, not yet.  Do you guys want to come with me and Meatloaf on our walk?"

"Well, er, no thanks!" said Ruthie, "Syd?"  "Yeah, we'd better go," chimed in Sydney Lee, "talk to you later!"  "Bye," said Kit.  Why is Ruthie spending so much time with Sydney Lee?  I thought I was her BFF!

Ruthie waved and the two walked off.

Kit waved back, when suddenly something shiny caught her eye.  Wait was that....

SYDNEY LEE'S TIARA!?  Kit gasped!  She started to walk to get it when..

A little hand reached out and pulled the tiara out of Kit's reach.  Kit was shocked, and she turned to see where the person had gone.  No one was in sight!  Kit sighed, she hadn't gotten anywhere.
Who do you think took the tiara?  And why?  And who's hand do you think Kit saw?
Stay tuned for Part 4!
Please comment who you think took it :)

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hey peoples it's SAIGE!!!!  And I found Mom's password and now I'm TAKING OVER HER BLOG!!!!!!  well, temporaily
im so bored, oh and just a warning i dont have good grammer and good spelling, im not the best at those 2 subjects.
earlier today mal was polishing her nails a sparkly gray color and i accidently stepped on the bottle, some of it spilled so now shes giving me the silent treatment -____-
so then i got bored.  i tried invading her makeup but she found out and now she has 2 reasons to give me the silent treatment.
ooooh and then i found kit and ruthie and we played stuffed animals but then i got kicked out for making my zebra eat ruthie's dog. hahahahaah
so now im even boreder (is that a word?) then i started.  so i decided to take over this blog. :D
darn mom just figured it out -____- well bye! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doll-Sized Items!

Hey everyone!
I've been cleaning my room out recently and I've found some doll-sized finds I'd like to share with you! :)

So at my dentist, they always give you a little prize at the end from a prize box.  Most of the stuff was for little kids, but I saw this and thought it would be perfect for my dolls and Meatloaf.  Whether it was soccer, basketball or even a tether ball!

These 2 little ducks are perfectly-doll sized (IMO), and I want to use these for Saige, because she could collect little ducks or something xD
I found a few more, but I'm still deciding how to use them for my dolls. :D

Test Post!

Hey girls!  This is a test post!

Monday, August 12, 2013

American Girl Avenue

Hey everyone!  I recently created a message board called American Girl Avenue and would love it if you joined!  The link is
I'm looking for new members and I'd love anyone who views my blog to join!  But I totally understand if you can't.
Please email me if you have any questions about American Girl Avenue

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Missing Tiara Part 2

Hey everyone!  I know you all have been waiting patiently for Part 2 of the Missing Tiara, so here it is, ready to post! :) And I'm starting Caption That Doll up again this Saturday, so be on the look-out!
"Mal, where did you get that?" Kit asked, indicating to the blue ribbon in Mallory's hair.

"I found it in the hair things," replied Mallory, turning around and smiling.  "Doesn't it look marvelous?"

"Yeah," said Kit, sighing.  She was back where she started, with no clues about the tiara bandit at all.

"Oh I've gotta go, I've got mani-peti's at one with C and Saige.  Bye!" And Mallory was off. 

Kit turned around and went back through the door, to look for more clues

When she ran into Molly, who had just got back from taking Meatloaf on a walk.  Meatloaf was panting and barking, and excited to see Kit.

"Hey, Molls!" said Kit, waving her hand.

"Hey Kit!" said Molly.  "Hey, have you seen a tiara anywhere?  Sydney Lee's missing hers for the recital next week."

"Well," said Molly, "earlier I did see a tiara!  I was about to go get it to see if anyone lost it, but a hand from behind the wall reached out and grabbed it.  I just assumed whoever it was had gotten the tiara back."

When all the sudden Meatloaf started barking.  "Oh Meatloaf must be hungry," said Molly, "better go feed him."  "Wait," said Kit, "where did you see the hand?"

"It was in Caroline and Saige's room." responded Molly, "cya later!"

Kit waved and went to Molly's room to go investiagate.  When all the sudden.....

What do you think happened to the tiara?  Who do you think stole it?  And what do you think Kit saw/heard/felt?  :D Be sure to comment ideas & check back for Part 3!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky Movie Review

Hey girls!  I remembered I took some pictures of watching the Saige Paints the Sky movie with my Saige.  I rented it a few days before it came out, then recorded it on TV and still have it, so I can watch it! :)
Well, anyways, to the review part.  But first, here's my Saige sitting down to watch the movie:

                       And here's Saige!  Saige is super excited about her movie and can't wait to see  it! :)
                                                         The beginning of the movie! :)
And here's my review:
Overall, I give the Saige movie 4 stars out of 5!  This was acutally one of my favorite American Girl movies, coming in with a tie for Felicity/Samantha.  I really enjoyed it, and I'd have to say my favorite characters were Tessa--because she looves music and so do I, and Dylan--same reason. :) Though I thought at some parts Saige over-reacted, that was all :) So be sure to watch the Saige Paints the Sky movie!  I absolutely loved it!

Friday, August 9, 2013

GOTY 2014 Thoughts ~Mal~

Bonjour my fans it is I, the great and magnificent Mallory! :3  So today I'm supposed to post about GOTY 2014--and stuff like what her meet outfit should be, what she should look like, etc.
GOTY 2014 should be African-American!  African-American dolls are sooooooooooooo cute! I think she should have shiny black hair like Sonali's without curls, and pretty brown eyes ;)
Then for her meet outfit--probably something but not a dress or skirt.  ALOT of the GOTY's wear dresses & skirts.  I think she should have a pretty blue flowery top, with white leggings and a brown belt.  Oh, oh and crotched Tom's (they are ADORABLE) or just flip-flops! xD
Her accessories might have some ballet stuff, but also just like a purse or something!
So that's all :) More posts coming tomorrow!

I'm Back!!

Hey girls!  I'm back from my posting break, and I'm excited to be back! :) Here are some things to look for now that it's August and everything:
July Memories
The Missing Tiara Part 2
and some Doll Chat stuff
So yeah! :D