Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Girl Fall/Winter 2013 Release

Hey girls!
I thought I'd post my opinion on the American Girl Fall/Winter 2013 release.  But first some updates:
So I got awarded! Thanks so much to TL at and Hannah from Please check their blogs out!  I'll do the reward post later today or sometime this weekend (including Labor Day xD)
Okay!  Here's my opinions!

AWWW have you seen the new Bitty Babies?  ADORABLE!!!  I mean AG/Bitty Baby totally needed to add some more Bitty's. :D

THESE.  ARE.  ADORABLE.  I SOOOO WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are soooo cute, the colors are perfect (I love blue), and everything about it is magnificent!

Ehhhh.  I don't really like this outfit.  I mean the colors look kinda funny, the shorts are poofy (xD) and yeah.  :P
This is acutally pretty cute!  I love the boots and the coat! :)


This is also very cute, but I like the red holiday dress better. 

This is okay :P I wouldn't really get it myself, but the skirt looks kinda cute.

Ehhh.  I really liked McKenna's ALOT better.  But still, this is pretty cute and I might get it for Ivy when I get her!

Hmm I don't know what to think!  I mean, I might get it, but the green?  Ehhhh.  It looks pretty cute, but some things are just for decoration and really couldn't be used.

AHHHH.  Seriously??  I already have a salon chair, and I could not see myself getting this but AHHHHH!!!

The new gymnastics set.  Seriously?  I mean look at this:

IT'S THE SAME AS KENNA'S!  Yes, I know, they made lots of money on Kenna's set so they make this thing.  But it's the EXACT SAME.  Except for the colors and the different designs on the mat, the EXACT SAME!!  AHHHH!  And I also like Kenna's mat's colors better :P

This is so cute!!!  I like the snowman and the tube :P

I love this! But I couldn't see myself getting it. but maybe ;)

New books!  This book looks pretty cool, but I really couldn't see myself purchasing this for myself.  :)

This is also pretty cool, but I'm not really an artist xD

This acutally looks pretty cool!  I think I might get it!
And there are several other books!
Well that's all!  Hope you liked!
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