Friday, August 9, 2013

GOTY 2014 Thoughts ~Mal~

Bonjour my fans it is I, the great and magnificent Mallory! :3  So today I'm supposed to post about GOTY 2014--and stuff like what her meet outfit should be, what she should look like, etc.
GOTY 2014 should be African-American!  African-American dolls are sooooooooooooo cute! I think she should have shiny black hair like Sonali's without curls, and pretty brown eyes ;)
Then for her meet outfit--probably something but not a dress or skirt.  ALOT of the GOTY's wear dresses & skirts.  I think she should have a pretty blue flowery top, with white leggings and a brown belt.  Oh, oh and crotched Tom's (they are ADORABLE) or just flip-flops! xD
Her accessories might have some ballet stuff, but also just like a purse or something!
So that's all :) More posts coming tomorrow!


  1. Hi I am new to this blog. I saw the first post and u said u were taking a break I have heard some good stuff about this blog. So I started at you first post and I read through every single post you have ever posted. And I really LOVED the two posts when u and someone else (not sure who) wrote those really long stories about how saige just started innerstar u and how her and McKenna were having friend problems. So I am begging you to write another one of those I also think u should send it to American girl and I think u could be an author one day because that was crazy insane good!!!!!!! Keep up the great post also I really liked the coconuts adventure post where he went out exploring also the evil barbies post are good

    1. Thanks so much Katie! :) I'll be sure to check out your blog!
      Really? I'm glad you liked our story! :D We are in the middle of writing another one, so be on the lookout for that! I wrote the story with a girl named Jan, who's American Girl doll blog is :) I'm sure she'd love it if you followed/checked it out
      Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you like my blog! :)


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