Friday, August 16, 2013


Hey peoples it's SAIGE!!!!  And I found Mom's password and now I'm TAKING OVER HER BLOG!!!!!!  well, temporaily
im so bored, oh and just a warning i dont have good grammer and good spelling, im not the best at those 2 subjects.
earlier today mal was polishing her nails a sparkly gray color and i accidently stepped on the bottle, some of it spilled so now shes giving me the silent treatment -____-
so then i got bored.  i tried invading her makeup but she found out and now she has 2 reasons to give me the silent treatment.
ooooh and then i found kit and ruthie and we played stuffed animals but then i got kicked out for making my zebra eat ruthie's dog. hahahahaah
so now im even boreder (is that a word?) then i started.  so i decided to take over this blog. :D
darn mom just figured it out -____- well bye! 

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