Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #11-YOU Pick!

Hey everyone!  It's time for the top 3 captions from Caption That Doll #11.  Believe me, it was SO hard to pick!!!  I had some entrys from the AGFMB (American Girl Fan Message Board) and some on here, so it was super hard to pick!  But I finally picked the top 3, but thank you to everyone who submitted a caption, keep entering, because next time you could win! :)

Here they are:
The First Caption, DRUMROLL.....
LissieLover's Caption! Here it is:
Molly= Umm, hi. Sorry to bust your bubble, Mallory, but, umm, you should get a jacket. It is only thirty degrees out!
Mallory= I don't mind. I like the sun. And besides, I am cold blooded.
And the Second Caption, DRUMROLL:
ILoveAG2003's Caption!  Here it is:
Molly: Uh, Mallory... I don't think you can sunbathe in 30 degree weather.

And the last caption, DRUMROLL:
Dollygirl's caption!  Here it is:
Molly: Um...Mallory?
Mal: Huh? Oh, hey Molly.
Molly: Um, Mallory, you know it's snowing, right?
Mal: MOLLY, I'm a DOLL! I won't get cold!
Molly: Ok, I just thought you might care if your cloth body gets wet and moldy and Human sends you to the...DOLL HOSPITAL. *dun dun dun*
Which caption do you like the best?  To vote, click here/copy & paste this link into your browser:
The winner & a new picture will be posted on Saturday!

Rainy Day Doll Activities

Rain, rain, rain.  Rainy days can be snug and cozy, but it can also stink, right?  For example, looking forward to that awesome blog post you were going to do about a doll camping trip?  Or that photostory about the great outdoors?  Then the next day you wake up to see rain pouring down the windows.  But, of course, there are many doll activities you can do inside, rather then out! ;)
1: Give your doll a cute hairstyle!  Whether it's twists, braids, buns, ponytails or twirls, you can take the time to sit down and do it! :) That's one of the good things about rainy days!

(Side picture ;))

2: Reorganize your doll room!  Move around beds, closets, toys, or clothes!  You can make it look awesome!

3: Put some cute posters up!  In this picture, it shows above Mallory's bed with the Hug a Pug picture from the latest American Girl magazine!

4: Take some fun pictures!  In this picture, I was trying different angles, but I love this picture!  Those shoes (from Felicity's Holiday Gown) look perfect with Saige's Meet Dress! :)
or 5: Make your own post with even MORE ideas of a Rainy Day Doll Activity post! 
Hope you enjoyed my ideas, and I look forward to posting more, maybe even a special spooky one soon ;)
What do your dolls do on rainy days?
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Looking Back

Wow, everyone!  It's so hard to believe that this site is almost (in about 4 months) a year old!  I love blogging, and I hope to keep this blog for years and years to come!
I thought it would be fun, since I am in the middle of working on a blog post, to look back at past posts I've done.

Remember my first Caption That Doll Picture?  Hehe, and congrats to Jan, our first CTDP winner! ;)

And, remember my Fashion Show video?  I'm still wondering if I should do another one of those...what do you think?  Maybe with more of fall fashions, though ;)
Here's a link to the video:

Remember my Easter post?  I'm so going to do one like that for Halloween!  Haha, I loved the part at the end where Meatloaf tried to steal the Chocolate Kisses ;)

And of course, my Doll Sleepover Post Series? :)
Well, those are some of my favorite posts!  I hope you enjoyed my "Looking Back" post!
What are some of your favorite things you've done with your dolls?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #11

Hey everyone, guess what?  Caption That Doll Picture is back!  And better then ever! ;) And first of all,  I would like to say congrats to the 3 top captions--Hannah's caption, Anna's caption and Carter's caption!  And now for the winner.....DRUMROLL.....

Congrats Hannah!
Her caption:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Kit *jumps* Aahh! Don't scare me like that!
Molly: Do you like my new scarf?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaaah! Don't scare me with that incredibly un-fashionable scarf!
Molly: Do you like my glasses/sunglasses invention?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaah! Also Incredibly un-fashionable!
Molly *walks away* Since when did she care so much about fashion?
And congrats to Anna and Carter, I loved their captions, too!
And now for Caption That Doll Picture #11:

 What do you think Molly and Mallory are saying?  You can enter by leaving a comment or emailing it! :) The top 3 will be posted either Wednesday/Thursday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween (or Dollween, in this case ;)) is right around the corner, I decided to do a post about what my dolls are being.  Feel free to comment below what your dolls are going to be! :)

It was a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon, and Mallory was busily rearranging her bed.  As she moved around her stuffed animals and pillows, Caroline walked up to her.

"Hey Mal!" said Caroline, "what's up?"

"Oh I'm just rearranging my bed," Mallory replied, "gotta make it look as fashionable as moi!"  Caroline giggled.  "So, I was wondering Mal, what are you going to be for Halloween."

"Halloween?" asked Mallory, "um.." "Do you not have a costume picked out already?" asked Caroline, surprised.  "Oh no!" Mallory said, laughing, "of course I do!  I picked it out in August, being the fashionista moi!  I'm just trying to decide between two."  "Which two?" asked Caroline. "A fairy princess or a popstar," said Mallory.  "Oh cool!" cried Caroline, "I bet you'll look so pretty as a fairy princess, but so stunning as a popstar!"  "Why thank you," said Mallory, giggling, "what are you being?"  "I think I'll be just a princess," said Caroline.

"Oh cool!" said Mallory, "your hair would look so pretty with a tiara!"  Caroline blushed.  "Thanks!"  When Mal gave a compliment, she really meant it!

"Do you know what everyone else is going to be?" asked Mal.  "I know Sydney Lee was going to be a ballerina, and Saige was still thinking.  I think Molly and Kit are going to stay home and hand out candy, while Ruthie makes decorations and costume fixes."
So, what do you think?  What are your dolls going to be for Halloween?  And do you think Mal should be a fairy princess or a popstar?  Comment below :)

Oh, and happy early Dolloween 2013!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sydney Lee's Recital Part 2

It's finally time for Sydney Lee's recital!  Enjoy :)

Molly studied the invitation.  It read:
Dear friends and family,
We prudly invite you to our ballet recital.  Come join us for an unforgettable evening.
Time: 7 PM
It listed the date and what would happen, and some other info.

While Molly was reading the invitation, Sydney Lee was hurrying around.  It was five minutes till her performance!  She peaked out from the curtain, and saw all her friends--Molly, Mallory, Saige, Caroline, Ruthie and Kit.  She crossed her fingers and prayed silently.  "Please let me do well!"  She put her bag down and went out onto stage.  Nobody saw her, because she was behind the curtain.   

The curtain went up, and Sydney Lee's music cued.  She started to plie across stage.  The sweet, soft melody of the music played as Sydney Lee danced. 

She leaped again, and landed perfectly.

"She totally takes after me," Mallory whispered to Saige, winking. 

Sydney Lee held her hands up and kicked her legs up high.

After she leaped once again, she landed perfectly and bowed.

Everyone clapped and whistled.  It was very loud.  "Thank you!" cried Sydney Lee, bowing.

She left the stage, proud of what she had accomplished.

Backstage, all of her friends greeted her.  "You did great!" everyone said.

"Fantastic!" said Mal.

"AWESOME!" cried Saige.

"Perfect!" said Molly.
Everyone loved it, and Sydney Lee felt awesome!  She had done it! :)
~The End~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sydney Lee's Recital

Hey everyone.  Super excited, because I'm doing the 2 posts of Sydney Lee's recital.  Here's the first :)

It was a bright and sunny Saturday, and Sydney Lee was snoozing in bed, when suddenly her alarm clock went off.

She hopped out of bed and began to get ready.  This day was not any ordinary day, it was the day of Sydney Lee's recital!  She set her alarm to wake up extra early for it.

She started to go toward the kitchen to eat, but then remembered--maybe she should change first ;)

She ran back to her closet and searched through the dresses.

"Aha!" said Sydney Lee, grabbing a red sparkly dress she was particulary fond of.

She changed into her dress, re-fastened her necklace, and packed her dance clothes into a bag.

And she headed off towards the dance studio, feeling jittery about the recital that night.

I wonder how I'll do, thought Sydney Lee, I hope that everyone loves us. I'm so excited, but nervous!The post of Sydney Lee's recital is coming very soon :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Posts are Coming!

Hey everyone, I'm excited to tell you I'm working on some posts that I will hopefully post next week, and I'm excited to share with you! :)
But while I'm at it, what are some interesting [future] posts you would like to see?  Please leave me a comment, thanks :)