Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy Day Doll Activities

Rain, rain, rain.  Rainy days can be snug and cozy, but it can also stink, right?  For example, looking forward to that awesome blog post you were going to do about a doll camping trip?  Or that photostory about the great outdoors?  Then the next day you wake up to see rain pouring down the windows.  But, of course, there are many doll activities you can do inside, rather then out! ;)
1: Give your doll a cute hairstyle!  Whether it's twists, braids, buns, ponytails or twirls, you can take the time to sit down and do it! :) That's one of the good things about rainy days!

(Side picture ;))

2: Reorganize your doll room!  Move around beds, closets, toys, or clothes!  You can make it look awesome!

3: Put some cute posters up!  In this picture, it shows above Mallory's bed with the Hug a Pug picture from the latest American Girl magazine!

4: Take some fun pictures!  In this picture, I was trying different angles, but I love this picture!  Those shoes (from Felicity's Holiday Gown) look perfect with Saige's Meet Dress! :)
or 5: Make your own post with even MORE ideas of a Rainy Day Doll Activity post! 
Hope you enjoyed my ideas, and I look forward to posting more, maybe even a special spooky one soon ;)
What do your dolls do on rainy days?
Happy Halloween!


  1. Great ideas! I get board sometimes.

  2. On rainy days I make crafts for my dolls! :)


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