Saturday, October 26, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #11

Hey everyone, guess what?  Caption That Doll Picture is back!  And better then ever! ;) And first of all,  I would like to say congrats to the 3 top captions--Hannah's caption, Anna's caption and Carter's caption!  And now for the winner.....DRUMROLL.....

Congrats Hannah!
Her caption:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Kit *jumps* Aahh! Don't scare me like that!
Molly: Do you like my new scarf?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaaah! Don't scare me with that incredibly un-fashionable scarf!
Molly: Do you like my glasses/sunglasses invention?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaah! Also Incredibly un-fashionable!
Molly *walks away* Since when did she care so much about fashion?
And congrats to Anna and Carter, I loved their captions, too!
And now for Caption That Doll Picture #11:

 What do you think Molly and Mallory are saying?  You can enter by leaving a comment or emailing it! :) The top 3 will be posted either Wednesday/Thursday!


  1. Molly: Hey Mal! Whatcha doing?
    Mal: Sun-bathing
    Moly: Seriously, Mal? In fall!
    Mal: such a lovely day....
    Molly: Uhh... Okay?
    Mal: such a lovely, lovely day...
    Molly: Hello Mal?
    Mal: Sunbathing
    Molly: Are you sun-bathing?
    Mal: Such a lovely day...
    Molly: uhh, lovely day isn't it?
    Mal: Sunbathing
    Molly walks away, hears laughter
    Molly: Mal?
    Mal: Such a lovely day!
    Molly shakes Mal
    Mal: huh? Why am I in the sun? Sun-bathing? Kit....!!!!
    Behind a tree, Kit: Gotcha Mal! Now you will never complain about sports! Heheheheee!


  2. Molly: Um...Mallory?
    Mal: Huh? Oh, hey Molly.
    Molly: Um, Mallory, you know it's snowing, right?
    Mal: MOLLY, I'm a DOLL! I won't get cold!
    Molly: Ok, I just thought you might care if your cloth body gets wet and moldy and Human sends you to the...DOLL HOSPITAL. *dun dun dun*

    Oh, and just so everybody knows I'm not trying to insult doll hospitals. They're awesome! Thanks!


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