Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sydney Lee's Recital Part 2

It's finally time for Sydney Lee's recital!  Enjoy :)

Molly studied the invitation.  It read:
Dear friends and family,
We prudly invite you to our ballet recital.  Come join us for an unforgettable evening.
Time: 7 PM
It listed the date and what would happen, and some other info.

While Molly was reading the invitation, Sydney Lee was hurrying around.  It was five minutes till her performance!  She peaked out from the curtain, and saw all her friends--Molly, Mallory, Saige, Caroline, Ruthie and Kit.  She crossed her fingers and prayed silently.  "Please let me do well!"  She put her bag down and went out onto stage.  Nobody saw her, because she was behind the curtain.   

The curtain went up, and Sydney Lee's music cued.  She started to plie across stage.  The sweet, soft melody of the music played as Sydney Lee danced. 

She leaped again, and landed perfectly.

"She totally takes after me," Mallory whispered to Saige, winking. 

Sydney Lee held her hands up and kicked her legs up high.

After she leaped once again, she landed perfectly and bowed.

Everyone clapped and whistled.  It was very loud.  "Thank you!" cried Sydney Lee, bowing.

She left the stage, proud of what she had accomplished.

Backstage, all of her friends greeted her.  "You did great!" everyone said.

"Fantastic!" said Mal.

"AWESOME!" cried Saige.

"Perfect!" said Molly.
Everyone loved it, and Sydney Lee felt awesome!  She had done it! :)
~The End~


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