Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #11-YOU Pick!

Hey everyone!  It's time for the top 3 captions from Caption That Doll #11.  Believe me, it was SO hard to pick!!!  I had some entrys from the AGFMB (American Girl Fan Message Board) and some on here, so it was super hard to pick!  But I finally picked the top 3, but thank you to everyone who submitted a caption, keep entering, because next time you could win! :)

Here they are:
The First Caption, DRUMROLL.....
LissieLover's Caption! Here it is:
Molly= Umm, hi. Sorry to bust your bubble, Mallory, but, umm, you should get a jacket. It is only thirty degrees out!
Mallory= I don't mind. I like the sun. And besides, I am cold blooded.
And the Second Caption, DRUMROLL:
ILoveAG2003's Caption!  Here it is:
Molly: Uh, Mallory... I don't think you can sunbathe in 30 degree weather.

And the last caption, DRUMROLL:
Dollygirl's caption!  Here it is:
Molly: Um...Mallory?
Mal: Huh? Oh, hey Molly.
Molly: Um, Mallory, you know it's snowing, right?
Mal: MOLLY, I'm a DOLL! I won't get cold!
Molly: Ok, I just thought you might care if your cloth body gets wet and moldy and Human sends you to the...DOLL HOSPITAL. *dun dun dun*
Which caption do you like the best?  To vote, click here/copy & paste this link into your browser:
The winner & a new picture will be posted on Saturday!

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