Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Hey girls!
Sorry for not posting, my laptop is not turning on and taking forever to load, so I can't post, but this is from another device. ;)
Craft Requests!!
Anyways, if you have been wondering how to make any of the crafts from photo stories (like the books or the bow in Ruthie's bday photo story) just leave a comment or email me the craft you'd like and if you'd like steps in photos or a video! :)
Contact Box
Coming towards the middle of March will be a contact box, so you can contact me even if you don't have an email!  You can just let me know anything (private or a request)! :)
Doll Chat
I was going to start something called Doll Chat where once a week where my dolls chat on here together! :) Stay tuned for that!
Have an awesome week, or spring break for some of you! :)