Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Release! Pt 1

Hey girlies!
As you know American Girl released a whole new line of fall clothing.  Here is my opinion on the clothes, accessories & furniture.

I don't really like this outfit.  Like at all.  I mean the skirt's OK, but it's kinda babyish.  No offense to anyone who likes it, it's just not my style.  It seems like too much...

I kind of like this one, I mean it is pretty cute.  I love the leggings and the shirt....

Like I said, this is pretty cute.  It screams "Skater girl" to me, and the pants and shoes are pretty cute.

I don't like this one really....My dad agreed with me, it seems .... just...ICK!

This is Saige's Tunic Outfit & Picnic Set.  Saige's tunic outfit is ADORABLE!  This was my favorite outfit of all, and the picnic set is so cute!  I NEED THIS!!!!

Delicious Breakfast.  I could defenitly see myself getting this, it's so cute!  But woah, 58 bucks is alot.....American Girl is stealing my money!!!!! ^_^ XD

The Talent Show Set.  By far one of my favorites, this is adorable!  I looove the matching pet costume, and the price is reasonable!

Believe me, I'm defenitly NOT a science freak, but this set is so cute!  I need this--for photostories, videos,'s adorable!

The Stackable Lunch Set.  It's cute, but not something I'd really get! ;)

The School Backpack Set is really cool!  I loove the book, the backpack style, pencils (mechanical) and waterbottle!

The School Locker Set is OK....I mean I wouldn't see myself getting it...but it's cool you can arrange pictures and stickers!

And the Campus Snack Cart.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE FURNITURE SET!!!!  It's sooooo cute!  I need it!

The Curly Ponytail Set.  Cute, I want it!  But I'm not going to be ordering it online. I'd recommend taking whichever doll you'd like to buy the hair-piece for to the store with you and see how it looks--I mean you might end up ordering the wrong color!

The Chic Bun.  I don't really want it, I mean from the picture it looks HUGE on your doll....and same problem with the curly ponytails from ordering online.

The Bright Highlights Set.  I mean, this is cute, it screams "rockstar" to me.  I want this--Mallory would look perfect in them!
ANd that's really all I want to take the time and do for tonight, tomorrow or the next day I'll post my opinions on Pt 2!


Hey girls, sorry I wasn't posting for the last week.  We drove up to Texas on Wednesday to see relatives, and between baseball games, the waterpark, seeing my aunt, and driving places--I was super busy!  And we didn't bring the laptop, so I just had my iPod Touch (which the pictures I take look bad quality on it).

I'm also sorry I haven't gotten your picture requests from American Girl Place Kansas City, my iPod Connector Cord (I took that, I hate taking my camera with me to places, I don't want it to get stolen, as an iPod is easier to hide), but it isn't working! -_- I have no idea why, and I keep yeah xD

Also, please follow!  I'd really love anyone to follow, in fact if you give me the link to your blog in a comment (and follow) I'll go follow yours!

I'm getting some more of Molly's collections!  I hope this doesn't sound like bragging, but I made a deal with my dad--long story...LOL.

I'm also thinking about making a movie for y'all, like about Dollywood and a girl who goes to audition....I dunno

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Calico Critters Collection

Hey girls, like Jan from Fun with the Dolls , I'm doing a post about my Calico Critter Collection! :)  First of all, I don't want to brag, but I just felt like showing you my collection!
This is my first house, the Town-Home It can open and close but I have to remove the part where the stairs are on.

A closer look at the stairs

This is the telephone with a noteapad, an address book and a phone book, and a coat closet.  The phone, accessories & stand is from the Living Room Set in the living room, and the coat closet is from the bedroom set.

This is the room I'm going to put the kitchen in once I buy it, for now it's empty.

This is the living room.  As you can see I decorated it with pictures on the walls.  There are 2 chairs, a coffee table, a grandfather clock, a fireplace, some decorations and a stand.  This set was ordered from Europe in the Sylvanian Families brand.

Here is the parent's bedroom--small but they can both fit in the bed.  I ordered this set from Europe, as well, and it came with a nightstand, chest, the coat closet, the bed with sheets & a pillow.

It also came with a small lamp.

This is the kids' room, as you can see the beds are made out of tissues because I don't have any beds for them as of now.

This is the baby's bedroom--it comes with a closet, bed, toys, toy mat, food & a car-seat.

A closer look from above.

A look outside where the rocking chair from the parent's room sits.  The Furbank's Squirrel Family lives in this house.

This is my 2nd house, the Cloverleaf Manor.

This is the living room where the big door comes in.  This side includes a TV, Coffee table, 2 chairs, a couch, a magazine holder, and some decorations.

The other side includes a piano and fireplace.

This is the kitchen. 

The drawing room with phone, fireplace, book-case & table.

A bedroom.

Another bedroom with a balcony.

The other side.

The doors to the balcony.

Another bedroom.

A bathroom.

The baby's nursery.

And the parent's room.

Other side.

A closer-look.  In this house lives the Fisher cat family, the Hopscotch rabbit family, the Margaret & Halley figures, and the Mikaela & Renee cheerleading figures.

This is Margaret & Halley's Dress Shop which i created out of a box.

A side-look at the door with the Open! sign.

It's Official

That's right girls, it's official, Molly IS retiring.  No one knows when, but she is.  I'm just so glad I have Molly, but I still have the rest of her collection to get.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

American Girl Places

Hey girls, it's Hope.  I know, new font....ok so right now I'm obbessing over this font it just looks so cool :P Anyways, I made this very special post for you to see which American Girl Places I've been to!  Here we go!
I've been to American Girl Place Dallas twice, I've eaten in the bistro once.
Kansas City
I've been to American Girl Place Kansas City several times!
I've also been to the Minneapolis store in the Mall of America once.
So that's all!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

May Memories 2013

I know, this is very, very late, but at least it's here! :) So, first....
1. Remember my Interview with Lydia? I had so much fun interviewing her, be sure to check out our interview!
2. Remember my May Day PostThat was so much fun!  I took a bunch of pictures of Ruthie outside, I loved it!
3. Remember my Sleepover Series posts? Here's Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
That was so much fun! Did you know those photostories were acutally all taken on the same day?
4. Remember my first Shout-Out Your Doll Site? The doll's PJ's were so cute!
5. Remember my Memorial Day post?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #10--YOU Pick!

Hey girls, it's time for the 3 captions of Caption That Doll Picture #10!  Soo, first of all, everyone's captions were AMAZING!  Oh my goodness, I had such a HARD time deciding, and I'm serious, but I finally got them!  I've also decided for next week's picture, I'm going to create a little button for everyone who submits a caption to me to put on their blogs!  So anyways the picture:
And the first caption.....
Hannah's caption! Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Kit *jumps* Aahh! Don't scare me like that!
Molly: Do you like my new scarf?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaaah! Don't scare me with that incredibly un-fashionable scarf!
Molly: Do you like my glasses/sunglasses invention?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaah! Also Incredibly un-fashionable!
Molly *walks away* Since when did she care so much about fashion?
And the second caption.....
Anna's caption! Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly- Kit, is that Mom's iPod?
Kit: Uh, why would you think that?
Molly- Well, um, because in this house, we aren't allowed to have iPods till we're 14. And you and I are 11. And mom has a pink case. It's kind of obvious.
Kit: No this is NOT mom's iPod!
Molly: Promise?
Kit: Yes, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.
Molly: Well, then who's is it?
Kit: Aunt Sarah's!
Molly: UG!

And the third caption......
Carter's caption!  Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Molly: Oh this, You told me to be myself...
Kit:But....why do you need 2 glasses?
Molly:Well then...guess you dont want to go to my party..*walks away*
Kit: Party?

Sooo those are the 3!  Now you can help decide which YOU like the best!  Vote as many times as you want, I will announce the winner sometime this weekend when I think I have enough votes!  Click here to vote or copy and paste this link: into your browser!
Thanks, be on the lookout for the winner!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camp Doll Diaries: Day 1!

Hey everyone, I know Camp Doll Diaries started on June 3rd but my dolls started late, so here's what their first day was like! :)
When all the dolls first walked in, Sydney Lee was there are the front desk to greet them.  She smiled broadly and said, "Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries 2013!  Camper or staff?"

"Hi!" Kit said, greeting Sydney Lee, "my name is Kit Kittredge, I'm a camper. I should be on the list!"
Kit looked behind at the long line, there were so many girls and not even everyone was there!

Sydney Lee looked down at her little iPad, and scrolled down it.  "Aha!  I see you right there!" Sydney Lee exclamied.
She handed Kit a little sheet.  "Here's the sign-up sheet you sent in to us.  Attached is a little not from your camp consuler, me!  Your going to be in the Blue Butterflys cabin!" 

Kit recognized the dark blue ink and reached to take the sheet Sydney Lee was holding out.  "You can look down below to see who else is in your group!"
Kit looked down and saw a piece of paper that said "Blue Butterflys."

Looking closer, Kit saw that her group included Caroline, Amber and Angie.  She knew who Caroline and Angie was, but who was Amber?  Wait......AMBER THE BARBIE DOLL?  Amber had attacked the American Girl dolls a few weeks ago, but the Barbie's were discovered by Hope and got into trouble. "You can go wait in the auditorim now." Sydney Lee said.

After Kit left, Molly walked up.  "Camper, Molly McIntire," Molly said clearly.  Sydney Lee scanned the iPad.  "There you are!  Welcome Molly, I'm Sydney Lee, and you'll be in the Pink Pandas cabin, you can look to see who else will be in your cabin below!"

Molly especially loved the banner that was up on the wall that said--Welcome Campers!

"Time for your camper picture," said Sydney Lee, "just smile, it will be on your name tag!"  Sydney Lee snapped the picture.

After everyone had checked in, they went to the auditorim!

"Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!" said a big yellow and pink Build-A-Bear, "my name is Miss Strawberry, and I'll be the head leader here at camp.  There are going to be 3 groups called the Pink Pandas, the Pink Panda's camp leader is Hope, the Blue Butterflys, the Blue Butterfly leader is Sydney Lee, and the Teal Tigers, the Teal Tiger's leader is Candi.  Just in case you didn't read which group you'd be in--here are the groups: In The Pink Panda's group is Mallory, Molly McIntire, Carrisa and Natasha.  In the Blue Butterfly's group is Caroline Abbot, Kit Kittredge, Amber and Angie.  In the Teal Tiger's group is Saige Copeland, Ruthie Smithens, Sharpay and Sarah.  There will be a game called the Camp Wars--each cabin will be against all the other cabins.  The games depend on teamwork, friendship and trust.   We will begin the games next week!  Each week there's going to be an ultimate winner depending on how many wins they get!"

"Now for the rules!" said Miss Strawberry, "1. Always be encouraging to other campers.  2. Be in bed before or at curfew, which is at 9:45 PM.  3. Have fun!  4. Always stay with the group!"

"If you get lost from the group, always report back to the auditorim, that way we'll know where to find you!"

"Now for the Camper's Code," said Mrs. Strawberry, indicating to a little poster on the wall.  "C is for Camp!  Which we are here to do!  A is for acknowledge.  Acknowledge your cabin leader's advice.  M is make friends!  Remember to be friendly!  P is for people.  Remember that other people are around you and you need to respect their space.  E is for encouraging.  Encourage others!  And R is for respect.  Respect others, respect the space and especially your cabin leaders!"

"Now that's all for now!  You can go to your cabins!"
~The End~
How did you like it?  Leave a comment to let me know!
Are you doing Camp Doll Diaries
Dolls Featured: Ruthie Smithens *American Girl*, Mallory *American Girl* JLY #42, Kit *American Girl*, Sydney Lee *Our Generation*, Caroline *American Girl*, Saige *American Girl*, Molly *American Girl*
Bears: Miss Strawberry *Build-a-bear*
Front desk and stage created by Hope!