Saturday, June 1, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #9-YOU Pick!

Hey girls sorry I'm so behind in the poll and here are the captions and the nominees....yay! XD
So the picture:
I got 6 captions this time--yay!  So, here are the 3 captions I picked!  So this is where YOU come in, YES YOU, the one sitting there on this computer.....looking at my blog?  You can vote which caption is YOUR favorite!  And here's the best part--you can vote for your own AND you can vote, even if you DON'T have a Blogger account!  So yay!  Here are the captions:
The first caption is....
Nina's caption!  Here it is:
Caroline: Um... Mallory?
Mallory: What?
Caroline: What's with all the clothes?
Mallory: Gymboree had a sale! A Super Sale!
Sydney Lee: Well, why didn't they give you a bag?
Mallory: They were out.
Caroline: But why are you carrying everything on your head?
Mallory: I have tiny hands.
Sydney Lee: Do you need help?
Mallory: Yes. *Drops clothes and walks away*
Caroline: Mal...

The second caption is.....
Dollygirl's caption!  Here it is:
Mallory: HELP!
Caroline: It's one of the Barbies! She's trying to trick us!
Sydney Lee: Oh no! Well, I know karate!
Caroline: Go for it Sydney!
Sydney: Wow! That sounded like Mallory!
Caroline: I know right! Weird! Oh well, go for it Sydney!
Sydney: HIGH-YAH!
Caroline: Um...Nice try time try to hit something other then the air though...
Sydney: Ok, here it goes again! HIGH-YAH!
*She knocks the clothes off of Mallory*
Caroline: Oh...Hi Mallory!
Sydney: Why?
Mallory: ARGH! Forget it, I'll do it myself!
Caroline: Ok! Thanks Mallory! And while your at it you can do mine, too!
Sydney: And mine!
*Sydney and Caroline run and get their clothes and dump them on the floor*
Caroline: Ha, we get a free clothes washing service!

And the third/last caption is.....
Sparkie's caption!  Here it is:
Sydney Lee and Caroline rush into the room*
Sydney Lee: Can you believe that awesome sale AG had? *Puts bonnet on Mallory*
Caroline: I know, right? So many good deals! *Hangs shirt and pants on Mallory*
Sydney Lee: They need to do that more often! They probably pulled in, like, a billion dollars! *Puts dress on Mallory's head*
*Sydney Lee and Caroline continue talking and putting things on Mallory*
Mallory: Um, guys? I'm not a coat hanger!

Here's where YOU come in!  Click here to vote which caption; or go here/copy & paste this link into your browser:
Thanks!  And remember; you can vote on your computer, your iPad, your iPod, your tablet, your iPhone, your Kindle--anytime you want on ANYTHING!
Thanks! :D

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