Tuesday, June 18, 2013

American Girl Place Columbus & New American Girl Products!

Hey girls, I noticed on Doll Diaries , The American Girl Fan Message Board and Through the Eyes of a Doll had been posting about a sneak peak of American Girl Place Columbus and even better--NEW American Girl doll merchandise!
Before I begin, I would like to make this clear--NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE.  All credit is given to www.gillygals.com !

Here is a picture of American Girl Place Columbus!

Here's the inside of it.  As you can see there are still some boxes, so they are still setting up for the Grand Opening.

And some empty cases waiting for dolls to be placed in them! :)

Here is the bistro, it looks so cute! 

Some empty cases
And now for the part you've been waiting for.........

New doll hair accessories!  These are simple adorable, I absolutely love the color ones (they are pink, blue and purple as you can see) and the braids! 

Cute! :)

Look at all those dolls! 

And here's a new outfit.  Personally, not my favorite, but the skirt is really cute!

This one is really cute, as well, but again not a favorite! :)

I love this one!  IT looks sooooo--Skater Girl!  I loooove the shoes and the orange pants! :)

And this one--this is also very cute!

New PJ's.  These are ADORABLE!
And that's all for now, you can go to their blog at www.gillygals.com for even more pictures!


  1. Cool! I really like the floral skirt outfit, the new Jammie's, and the outfit with the green shirt!


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