Friday, June 21, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #10--YOU Pick!

Hey girls, it's time for the 3 captions of Caption That Doll Picture #10!  Soo, first of all, everyone's captions were AMAZING!  Oh my goodness, I had such a HARD time deciding, and I'm serious, but I finally got them!  I've also decided for next week's picture, I'm going to create a little button for everyone who submits a caption to me to put on their blogs!  So anyways the picture:
And the first caption.....
Hannah's caption! Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Kit *jumps* Aahh! Don't scare me like that!
Molly: Do you like my new scarf?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaaah! Don't scare me with that incredibly un-fashionable scarf!
Molly: Do you like my glasses/sunglasses invention?
Kit: *jumps again* Aaah! Also Incredibly un-fashionable!
Molly *walks away* Since when did she care so much about fashion?
And the second caption.....
Anna's caption! Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly- Kit, is that Mom's iPod?
Kit: Uh, why would you think that?
Molly- Well, um, because in this house, we aren't allowed to have iPods till we're 14. And you and I are 11. And mom has a pink case. It's kind of obvious.
Kit: No this is NOT mom's iPod!
Molly: Promise?
Kit: Yes, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.
Molly: Well, then who's is it?
Kit: Aunt Sarah's!
Molly: UG!

And the third caption......
Carter's caption!  Congrats!  Here it is:
Molly: Hey Kit!
Molly: Oh this, You told me to be myself...
Kit:But....why do you need 2 glasses?
Molly:Well then...guess you dont want to go to my party..*walks away*
Kit: Party?

Sooo those are the 3!  Now you can help decide which YOU like the best!  Vote as many times as you want, I will announce the winner sometime this weekend when I think I have enough votes!  Click here to vote or copy and paste this link: into your browser!
Thanks, be on the lookout for the winner!

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