Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Release! Pt 1

Hey girlies!
As you know American Girl released a whole new line of fall clothing.  Here is my opinion on the clothes, accessories & furniture.

I don't really like this outfit.  Like at all.  I mean the skirt's OK, but it's kinda babyish.  No offense to anyone who likes it, it's just not my style.  It seems like too much...

I kind of like this one, I mean it is pretty cute.  I love the leggings and the shirt....

Like I said, this is pretty cute.  It screams "Skater girl" to me, and the pants and shoes are pretty cute.

I don't like this one really....My dad agreed with me, it seems .... just...ICK!

This is Saige's Tunic Outfit & Picnic Set.  Saige's tunic outfit is ADORABLE!  This was my favorite outfit of all, and the picnic set is so cute!  I NEED THIS!!!!

Delicious Breakfast.  I could defenitly see myself getting this, it's so cute!  But woah, 58 bucks is alot.....American Girl is stealing my money!!!!! ^_^ XD

The Talent Show Set.  By far one of my favorites, this is adorable!  I looove the matching pet costume, and the price is reasonable!

Believe me, I'm defenitly NOT a science freak, but this set is so cute!  I need this--for photostories, videos,'s adorable!

The Stackable Lunch Set.  It's cute, but not something I'd really get! ;)

The School Backpack Set is really cool!  I loove the book, the backpack style, pencils (mechanical) and waterbottle!

The School Locker Set is OK....I mean I wouldn't see myself getting it...but it's cool you can arrange pictures and stickers!

And the Campus Snack Cart.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE FURNITURE SET!!!!  It's sooooo cute!  I need it!

The Curly Ponytail Set.  Cute, I want it!  But I'm not going to be ordering it online. I'd recommend taking whichever doll you'd like to buy the hair-piece for to the store with you and see how it looks--I mean you might end up ordering the wrong color!

The Chic Bun.  I don't really want it, I mean from the picture it looks HUGE on your doll....and same problem with the curly ponytails from ordering online.

The Bright Highlights Set.  I mean, this is cute, it screams "rockstar" to me.  I want this--Mallory would look perfect in them!
ANd that's really all I want to take the time and do for tonight, tomorrow or the next day I'll post my opinions on Pt 2!

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