Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey girls, sorry I wasn't posting for the last week.  We drove up to Texas on Wednesday to see relatives, and between baseball games, the waterpark, seeing my aunt, and driving places--I was super busy!  And we didn't bring the laptop, so I just had my iPod Touch (which the pictures I take look bad quality on it).

I'm also sorry I haven't gotten your picture requests from American Girl Place Kansas City, my iPod Connector Cord (I took that, I hate taking my camera with me to places, I don't want it to get stolen, as an iPod is easier to hide), but it isn't working! -_- I have no idea why, and I keep yeah xD

Also, please follow!  I'd really love anyone to follow, in fact if you give me the link to your blog in a comment (and follow) I'll go follow yours!

I'm getting some more of Molly's collections!  I hope this doesn't sound like bragging, but I made a deal with my dad--long story...LOL.

I'm also thinking about making a movie for y'all, like about Dollywood and a girl who goes to audition....I dunno

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