Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Even MORE New Outfits!

Hey girls, I was looking on Doll Diaries when I saw even more new outfits, my favorite is....

Saige's new outfit, which is selling for $28!  The hot tamales is selling for $38. 

They also have a new Science Lab Set for $36!  It's defenitly a steal! :)

Here's a HUGE food set, selling for $58!  That's alot, IMO!

2 new MAG's!!!!  #59 and #60!

A new witch costume (left) and a talent show set (right).

And last, the Campus Snack Cart for $150. THIS. IS.  MY. FAVORITE.  I love this!
Everything will be released in July!
What do you think of these new outfits/accessories?  Do you have a favorite? :)

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