Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meatloaf's Adventure Part 2!

Meatloaf's Adventure Part 2 is coming right up! :)
Flash-back from Meatloaf's Adventure: Part 1 : At the end of the story, Meatloaf sees a flash of blue around the corner?  What could it be?  You guessed, time to find out! :)
All your guesses were super close, it was a Webkinz dog Kinz Klip!

"Hey!" the little dog said, "what's your name?  Where are you from?"  "My name is Meatloaf," Meatloaf replied, "I'm from the doll's room upstairs, and you are?"  "I'm Hoppy Jr!" said the dog, "I belong to Kit but 2 days ago she dropped me down here."  "Oh," said Meatloaf.  "Follow me!" shouted Hoppy Jr. 
Meatloaf followed the strange dog into the big living room.

"That's where I've been living!" said Hoppy, indicating to a big, green couch, "How do you get up there?" Meatloaf asked. 
"First, we climb up this table leg!" said Hoppy.  Meatloaf followed.
Soon they were on top of the table.  "NOW JUMP!" cried Hoppy
"Now it's your turn," Hoppy said.
Meatloaf jumped
And he was on the couch!
"Here's where I live!" said Hoppy
Suddenly, the couch and the pillow began to rattle.  What could be in there?
Leave a comment down below of what YOU think could be in there (or email me!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

The 2 Diaries (and a Journal!)

Hey girls!  For my birthday, my friend got me a planner, a notebook, a purse and 3 doll-sized (kind of) notebooks.  I decided to make the doll-sized notebooks diaries for my dolls, and each of them would write in one (well 3 I picked since I got 3). Pictures:
The books each have a different color and place.  The one on the left is Rome, the middle is New York and the right one is Paris.


New York


Mal will write in the Paris diary.

Saige will write in the Rome diary

and Caroline will write in the New York diary (well, Caroline calls her's "journal")

Putting them in my pink bin :)

Check back soon for a diary entry!  (For each of them)

Spring Pictures

I took Ruthie outside the other day and took some cute spring pictures, except a really good one shows a house next door in it and so yeah I can't show you that do to privacy -_- !  I know I could just edit it out but who cares xD? So here we go....

Leave a comment of your favorite picture :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Weekend Fun Outfit

I recently took some cute pictures on my iPod of Mal in the Weekend Fun Outfit! They might not be as good of quality as my camera, but here we go: ;)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #6!

Congrats to everyone who were in the poll, well the picks!  And now, it's time to announce the Winner of Caption That Doll Picture #6!  So, the winner of Caption That Doll Picture #6 is...........DRUMROLL........
Congrats Kathy!  Her caption:
Kit: Look what I can do, Ruthie!
Kit: but mine is so epic!!
Ruthie: I think we are doing the same thing!
Mallory: Um, Kit, Ruthie, you know you can break your necks doing that..
Ruthie: what is up with you and the world epic today?
Mallory: *picks up phone and dials 911* HELP! MY SISTERS ARE LUNATICS!!!

And, congrats to our 2nd, 3rd and 4th placers!  And, to announce Caption That Doll Picture 6......
What do you think Saige, Mallory, Caroline & Sydney Lee are thinking/saying?  You can tell me by commenting your caption down below or emailing it to me at agdollysisters@gmail.com .  PLEASE do enter, anyone who can comment or email, either way is fine :)  IF you do, your super awesome!
P.S. The interview I did with Lydia will be up soon, along with the next winner!

Friday, April 26, 2013

What I Got for My Birthday 2013! :)

Hey girls!  Today I celebrated my birthday....not that it was today, I just celebrated it today, y'know ;)  Well, GUESS WHAT!!  I GOT LOTS OF AG STUFF!!   And, I'm going to show you.  Before this, just letting you know I'm not in any way trying to brag.  I'm just excited I got mani-pedis (long story) and yummy food, xD!  AND AG STUFF!   Ok, here we go, from biggest to smallest!
From my parents:


I'm going to keep her braid (rope braid, right?) in for a while, then I'll take it out for the curls ;)
2. Next, Saige's Sparkle Dress!
I absoulutely love this!  It's adorable, so sparkly, and the boots are cute!  The boots are a bit hard to get on, but if you have patience you defenitly can :) This is for Saige, BTW
3. And, the Weekend Fun Outfit + Charm!

This is SO Cute!  It includes a flowered short, some jeans, a white vest, purple sandals, a headband and charm.  Defenitly worth the money!  The price is a bit high, but it's OK!  Since this is for MAG's/JLY's, this will be for Mal
4. And, Caroline's Birthday Dress!
I LOVE the pattern, the shoes, EVERYTHING!  :D TOTALLY RECOMMEND!  Of course, this is for Caroline

5. Sweet Savannah Dress! 
SO CUTE!!  The headband, the dress, the shoes, the charm, everything!  This will also be Mal's outfit

6. Caroline's Nightgown for Dolls
Once again, I totally adore this!  Thanks bunches Mom and Dad, :)

I also got Saige's book and a Curly Hair Guide from getting Saige

My parents also gave me 2 books, the American Girl: Hair book for Girls and Doll Hair Salon (Hair Guide for Dolls)
From my Grandma:

2 AG catalogs in the mail! :)

And, the girl-sized Caroline nightgown!  So cute!

I'm so thankful that God has blessed my family that I am able to have all the treats, presents and family that makes my birthday wonderful!
Leave a comment if you have/want anything of what I got!