Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's 2013!

One holiday after another!
I'm so excited to be celebrating April Fool's!  I played a prank on my parents by switching their pillows and sticking pillows in their bed! :)

My dolls wanted to show you the pranks they (well, Sydney voice trails off here....) played!  Here we go!
When Caroline woke up, her pillow had been switched!  It was Mal's pillow!  In fact, she was covered in stuffed animals!  AHHHH!

Mallory woke up, and she had a hat....OVER HER FACE!  Her pillow had been switched, it was Caroline's!

Sydney Lee giggled as she threw a stuffed-animal penguin and it belly-flopped onto Kit's bed!

Kit woke up and she had Caroline's bonnet on her head!  Stuffed animals covering her, and a random penguin & bag on her!

Ruthie just had a giant teddy-bear squishing her face!

The dolls room had turned into a disaster zone!  It was a MESS!

There were stuffed animals, hats & bags everywhere!


Sydney Lee hid in a corner and giggled. 

Her bed was covered with Meatloaf attacking stuffed animals!  (P.S. The book in the background is a book I made for dolls, my name is NOT Abby Krestan it's an authors!  Well, a fake author.....)

A random teddy bear laid on the floor.


After cleaning the mess up, the dolls did a April Fool's Photoshoot!  They all switched meet outfits!  Caroline wore Mal's Meet Outfit, and Mallory wore Caroline's Meet Outfit!

Caroline in Mal's Meet Outfit (JLY's, acutally)

Mal in Caroline's Meet Outfit

Kit & Ruthie switched Meet Outfits!

Ruthie in Kit's Meet Outfit!

Kit in Ruthie's Meet Outfit!

Sydney Lee didn't have anyone to switch with, so she just wore Kit's Nightie for the whole day! :) 

Happy April Fool's!  Can you guess how many things are wrong (including outfits) in this picture?  Email me at
 or leave a comment listing what (Hint: There are 11 things wrong!)

Happy April Fool's 2013!
Remember the contest, on the 3rd pic to the last!  Name all the things that shouldn't be there, and email it to me at  or post it in a comment below!


  1. LOLOL!!!! Sneaky Sydney Lee! xDxDxD

    I'm bad at finding things in pictures! Lol but their were outfits switched and random stuffed animals, plus a mini doll behind kit! xD


  2. Outfits have been switched, Ruthie is wearing a mini hat, the soft animals, Rebbecca is holding Caroline's pouch, and Rebbeca. Shoot. I'm still missing 3.

    ~Mika :))))))


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