Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interview with Liz from AmericanGirlFan!

I recently had the chance to interview Liz from AmericanGirlFan ( and the American Girl Fan Message Board ( So, let's get started! :)

1. Me: When did you first learn about American Girl?

Liz: When I was around 8 years old I found the American Girl books at my library! I read the Samantha one first, then Addy. I saw on the back cover about the dolls, but not until I got the AG catalog in the mail, did I find more about them. That year my Grandma asked if I wanted one for Christmas...and of course I said a big YES! :)

2. Me: What inspired you to start your blog, American Girl Fan?

Liz: When I was 14 barely any American Girl fan websites existed, so I wanted to start my own to share my love of AG with other girls. I didn’t know there were so many girls like me! I want other girls to realize there are tons of other girls that have the same interests with them too. This year my website will turn 5 years old and I can't believe it!

3. Me: What inspired you to start "Caption That Doll" picture on your blog?

Liz: I have to give my mom credit for that idea! I had a lot of random pictures that I had taken during photo-shoots, so one day we were talking and she said, "Hey, why don't you have girls caption what the dolls might be saying or thinking? That could be fun, right?". And that's how Caption That Doll Picture came to be! Thanks Mom!

4. Me: Which doll(s) do you hope to get next? Do you plan to keep a limit of dolls to get?

Liz: Julie's best friend Ivy has been on my eye...she's just SO cute! I'd love to add her to my collection next. I don't really have a limit on how many dolls I plan on getting...I never really thought about that. I just add to my collection if I feel like the doll is right for me and if I like her. :)

5. Me: What are some tips of advice you can give to beginning bloggers?

Liz: My #1 advice would be to have fun with your new doll website and do it for YOU! While having readers and comments is nice, the best part of having a website is that it is something YOU created. Some other advice would be to brainstorm ideas for your site and write them down in a notebook. Think up what kinds of posts you'd like to have on your site. Once you have an idea, get started! Most of all, keep doing what you love and don't give up! :)

Thanks Liz for allowing me to interview you! Be sure to check our her website at and her message board at
(P.S. The winner is being drawn soon, and will be posted in a few hours!)


  1. That's a awesome interview Hope and Liz :)


  2. YOU INTERVIEWED LIZ?!?!?!! :O Amazing interview Liz and Hope!!!


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