Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meatloaf's Adventure Part 1!

I was inspired by Madison from Delightful World of Dolls (go to her blog and follow) to do a post like this! :) And before getting to it, yes, I do have her permission, so let's get started!

One rainy afternoon, Meatloaf was enjoying being inside, with Ruthie and Sydney Lee.
When suddenly, Kit came into the (AHEM, peacful, quiet room) with the pink iPad (from  yelling, "Mallory!  Sydney Lee!  Look, I just beat this level!" 

Meatloaf was immeaditly forgotten as Kit demonstrated how to beat Level 5 of Angry Birds Star Wars.

Meatloaf decided to go on an adventure! 

He got out of Sydney Lee's bed, onto Kit's trundle and


He walked across the doll's room, wondering what could be in store for him

He walked past Hope's chair

And outside her door

He kept walking

When BAM! the door shut!  Meatloaf whined and barked, but no one heard him.

He decided to keep adventuring

Meatloaf started to walk down the BIG stairs!

He jumped off every "cliff" (stairs)

And he ended up in the kitchen! 

But suddenly, Meatloaf saw a blue keychain in the corner and a shadow....WHAT COULD IT BE?

Comment your guesses :)
Part 2 coming soon!


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