Thursday, April 18, 2013

Caption That Picture #4-YOU Decide!

This time, I'm going to let you pick whose caption you like best!  Please vote exactly what you think, and you can vote for yourself, thanks for asking ;)
Please, EVERYONE viewing this blog vote!  It will really help!  AND, the captions:
1. The first caption, Madison's:
Mallory: You're so cute! Yes you arrrrreee!
Caroline: Oh my gosh, thank you Mal!
Mallory: I wasn't talking to YOU, I was talking to Pinky puppy!!
Caroline: *thinking* Did I just lose in looks to stuffed dog?
2. The second caption, Mikaela's:

Caroline: No it's ATTACK OF THE ANIMALS!

Mallory: No, it's not.

Caroline: yeah, it is.

Mallory: no.
Caroline :yeah!

(they keep doing this for 100 years.)

100 years later;

Mallory: Hey, Caroline, are we dead?
3. The third caption, Jackie's:
Mallory: And this is why I won dog queen, Miss. Abbott.
Caroline: Say that again! These dogs love me.
Now, it's time to let you pick!  Click here to vote!  Voting closes on Saturday, vote fast! :)

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