Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meatloaf's Adventure Part 2!

Meatloaf's Adventure Part 2 is coming right up! :)
Flash-back from Meatloaf's Adventure: Part 1 : At the end of the story, Meatloaf sees a flash of blue around the corner?  What could it be?  You guessed, time to find out! :)
All your guesses were super close, it was a Webkinz dog Kinz Klip!

"Hey!" the little dog said, "what's your name?  Where are you from?"  "My name is Meatloaf," Meatloaf replied, "I'm from the doll's room upstairs, and you are?"  "I'm Hoppy Jr!" said the dog, "I belong to Kit but 2 days ago she dropped me down here."  "Oh," said Meatloaf.  "Follow me!" shouted Hoppy Jr. 
Meatloaf followed the strange dog into the big living room.

"That's where I've been living!" said Hoppy, indicating to a big, green couch, "How do you get up there?" Meatloaf asked. 
"First, we climb up this table leg!" said Hoppy.  Meatloaf followed.
Soon they were on top of the table.  "NOW JUMP!" cried Hoppy
"Now it's your turn," Hoppy said.
Meatloaf jumped
And he was on the couch!
"Here's where I live!" said Hoppy
Suddenly, the couch and the pillow began to rattle.  What could be in there?
Leave a comment down below of what YOU think could be in there (or email me!)

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  1. I have no idea what could be in there! BUT These Meatloaf adventures are awesome :)



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