Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

Hey girls!  I'm so excited to be celebrating my first Easter with you!  I'm so thankful that Jesus has died on the cross for us, and risen from the tomb, to go back to Heaven in His rightful place!  Well, everyone is celebrating, and the dols might have had a little visit from in the....
Here are some cute pictures I got of them!
Happy Easter from Mallory (left) & Caroline (right)!

Mallory's bunny ears!

Lookin' good!!!!
These are all the dolls in their spring dresses, of course I just had to show.....

Mallory wore some sandals since it was chilly, but spring! (Kit's Meet Sandals)

Caroline wore Kit's Birthday Dress

Felcity's Holiday Gown shoes

Kit wore her Flower Dress's shoes!  So cute!

Kit hates wearing dresses, so we made a compromise, and she wore a skirt!  Kit's Meet Skirt & Mal's Meet Top!

Mallory in her stunning dress, again!


Sydney Lee's shoes!  They were her performance outfit's shoes!

Sydney wore Caroline's Travel Outfit!

Ruthie wore her meet dress & shoes

Happy easter!  Family photo!  Ruthie (top-left), Kit (top-middle), Sydney Lee (top-right), Mallory (bottom-left), Meatloaf (bottom-middle), & Caroline (bottom-right).


Another angle!

AH!  Meatloaf attacked Ruthie & Mal and tried to eat the cookie cake!

One more angle...

Sniffing the cookie cake....


Hope got cookie cake for Easter (a little bird) it has a bite out of it!  Hope also got some other candy!

Happy Easter from everone!  Like the stickers and decorations?

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!!! I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this!!! MEATLOAF STEALING THE CANDY!!!! xD xD xD


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