Sunday, March 24, 2013

Redid my Doll's Room!

Hey, girls!  I'm really excited because I redid my dolly's bedroom, now I have room to put in a kitchen, to do photostories better, etc.  I also have room to tape videos for 7 Random Dollies!  (READ THE POST BELOW THE POST BELOW US!  THE 3RD TO TOP!  LOL!)
Ok, well I'll show you some pictures!
I moved all my Webkinz (taking the space of the top shelf) into this cubby and another one.  Phew!  I have 30 in counting!

I also moved my baby doll crib, Sydney Lee's bed was on top of it, and some Lego's (which are in the crib!  Lol!)

More Webkinz

This is what the bed's look like now.  Mallory sleeps on the top bunk, Ruthie on the bottom, Kit on the trundle, Sydney Lee in the Our Generation box, and Caroline.....


Sydney Lee's box-bed

Kit's trundle bed

and Caroline's bed!  AKA the reading nook during the day!

It's on top of my AG storage things!  Notice the penguin?  If you play Club Penguin ( you might know what it is....

PUFFLE!  (also from CP-Club Penguin!)

And the books for the reading nook!

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