Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Adventure to Texas Part 3

Hey girls!  Time for Part 3!
Click here to view Part 1.
Click here to view Part 2.
We went to the pond to feed birds and ducks!

Hello, little duckies!

We ended up seeing 2 little turtles!  See them?

There poking their little heads out!


Look at those birds!

They all came to eat the bread!




A pretty pond picture!
Like it??
with help from
~Hope: PrincessAG~

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  1. AWESOME!!! Woohooo!!! I hope you loved Texas, Mallory and hope!!! Texas is AWESOME! xD I want to see all the stuff you got at the AG store! LOL!

    (BTW, the turtles are ADORABLE!!!!! *faints under a cuteness overload*


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