Wednesday, March 20, 2013

American Girl Place Dallas Part 2!-The Bistro

Hey, girls!  Part 2 of my trip to American Girl Place Dallas, we're eating in the bistro!  (My mom and me)  (Check out Part 1 below this)
The bistro is upstairs, and it's so nice and clean!  It has pretty tables, and pretty flowery designs and everything! 
The doll hair salon.  LOTS of people were there!

The counter at the bistro

The cute chairs at the little drink bar. :) Adorable!
The chairs your dolls sit in at the bistro were on sell for $39, I think, and there was also cute little food and everything.
I <3 this cake!
The little doll in an apron they had on display!  CUTE!
Look at Mal!  I brought her to the bistro, and she got to sit in a little chair :)

Oh! Hello!

The starters!

The main-courses :)
The Bistro Menu (the front)
The napkins

The pink flower that was on our table
The drink menu

My drink.  I got Saige's Favorite: Wild Berry Smoothie :D
Mallory's drink
I loved the cup.  It was super adorable!
I <3 this flower :D
For my starter, I got the pretzel bites.  My BFF, Jan, recommended this to me :) I was trying to decide between this and the Chicken Noodle Soup, but FINALLY I decided on this.  My mom got the chicken noodle soup, and I thought this tasted better, acutally :D
My main course was the spaghetti with NO meatballs.  I got some bread, too :D
My dessert, the lollipop brownies!!  My mom had one and I ate 2!  LOL!
That's all!  Look for Part 3 coming tomorrow or tonight!
~Hope: PrincessAG~

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  1. This is AWESOME!!! I recognize everything from this AGP! Know why? because it's the one I go to! xD Aww Mallory looks ADORABLE



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