Sunday, March 17, 2013

~My BFF's~ 2 Very Special People

Hey, girls. I wanted to tell you about two amazing girls that have changed my Internet world.
2 months ago I decided to return back to the American Girl Fan Message Board. When I got on, I realized how many people had left, and how many new people had joined.
I wanted my return to be different from my start. I wanted to make friends that would be amazing.
As I looked around, I saw many new girls, but 2 really stuck out. When I posted my post about how I was new and was returning back to the MB, they welcomed me, talked to me, and everything. After I started talking to them, I realized how much I'd been missing, and how we had so much in common. After that, we started emailing and Google chatting, following each others blogs and making blogs together.
Right now, I would NEVER regret going back to the MB. I met the most amazing, kindest girls I'd ever have. Who were the 2? You'll find out :)
Ok, the girls were MarciaBrady (Cindy on Google+) and MarieGraceGardener (Jan on Google+). They were the best friends ever.
ILY girlies!

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