Monday, March 25, 2013

My Interview with Jackie from AG and Whatnot

I recently interviewed Jackie, the owner of AG and Whatnot and Coolgirlsforever on the AGFMB (American Girl Fan Message Board!) Be sure to check out her MB, at , no www. at the beginning! Here's my interview with her:
1. Me: How did you become an American Girl fan?
Jackie: My friends were getting AG dolls for Christmas, and I decided to give AG a try.
2. Me: How did you find American Girl Fan ( and join the Message Board (AGFMB)?
Jackie: I  googled "things to do with your american girl doll" and I found Liz's website.
3. Me: What is your favorite American Girl doll you own?
Jackie: I like Nicole, a JLY/MAG.
4. Me: Which American Girl Doll(s) do you want next?
Jackie: I really want Saige because she looks like me.
5. Me: What inspired you to start your online school, on the American Girl Fan Message Board (AGFMB), Limestone Academy?
Jackie: I thought that the MB members would need a better school for there dolls and I felt generous taht day I opened Limestone Acadmy for the first time.
6. Me: What inspired you to start your Message Board, AG and Whatnot? ( , no www.)
Jackie: I thought that members on Liz's MB would need more priveleges, when I checked out Abbie's, I was thinking of doing either proboards or boardhost, I decided boardhost because you can do PMing.
Thanks for your time Jackie!  You can join Jackie's MB, which I'm a member of, and chat with me and other AG fans at (again, no www.)


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