Sunday, March 10, 2013

AGP Dallas!

Hey girls!!  Guess what?  So, as you know, some schools spring break has just started, but mine is starting this Friday!  I'm really excited!  Well, guess what made me even more excited?  My mom said we can go to AGP Dallas!  I know, like awhile away from me, but we are going to drive up there just to see some people and go to the AGP, then come back!  So, I thought about telling you, I'm going to at least get a few outfits for my dolls.  How, you might ask?  My dad has papers to shred, and so he's letting me to them, and paying me!!  Yay!!  Here's what AGP Dallas looks like:
I've been there once, but I'm so excited to be going back!  They  have a bistro, too, and my mom says we can eat there!!  So, back to topic.  If you have any photo requests I could take at the AGP in Dallas, please email them to me at , or leave a comment telling what you want!  Thanks!
~Hope: PrincessAG~
P.S. Just because I will be there, doesn't mean I can't still blog!


  1. COOL!!! Have fun!! Could you take some pictures of Saige please? I would like to see more pictures of her. :) Thanks :)

  2. Sure! I'll have them to you by next week. :D ill put them in a post

  3. Take pics of EVERYTHING, please!!!

  4. Yay! :). Could I have a picture of the actual AGP building?


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