Saturday, March 2, 2013

Q&A Saturday, March 2nd

Hey girls!!  It's time for Q&A!!
1. Q: Who or what inspired you to start collecting AG's?
A: One day, I recieved an AG Catalog.  (I have a feeling my parents ordered it!  It was strangley near by birthday.....)  I saw all the dolls in it, and I really liked Samantha!  That's what I wanted for my birthday, but when I realized Samantha was archived, I decided on Ruthie.  I think I missed her the first time I looked through, she's so pretty!
2. Q: Do you think AG should drop their prices?
A: Yes.  I think GOTY's should be more like $95-100, JLY's $90-100 and Historical's defenitly $100 or 110.  And outfits?  More like $12 or $15!
3. Q: What's your favorite food?
A: Defenitly spaghetti.  I love noodles with red sauce on them!!  I also like cupcakes, ;)
4. Q: How many more dolls do you plan to get?
A: Well, I'd really like to get Saige, Cecile, Molly and Rebecca.  That's all, right now, then maybe a few more.  I want at least 10 by 5 years.
5. Q: Do you think curly doll hair is hard to care for?
A: Well, I'd recommend curly hair dolls for girls 7 and up.  Younger girls might be at risk of making them frizzy or ruining them.  Curly hair dolls are harder than straight, but defenitly not as hard as some girls think.  You could try finger-styling or getting a hair pick (I've finger-styled Caroline and just ordered a hair pick!)

6. Q: Do you play any insturments?
A: Yes, I acutally play the piano, the clarinet (for our school band) and recorders.  Though I haven't played a recorder in awhile, if you handed me one I could play something for you, and not horrible. 

Here's a picture of my clairnet.

7. Q: Do you like AG magazines or catalogs better?
A: This one's hard!  I really enjoy both.  I might like the magazines 1% better, but I really like catalogs because you can see all the dolls and outfits while looking through.  On magazines, I enjoy reading the stories, tips, quizzes and crafts!
Thanks for all the questions girls!!  To ask any for next week, please email them to me at with Q&A in the subject, or just leave it in a comment!
~Hope: PrincessAG~

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