Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Raspberry Glasses" Review

Hey girls!
I recently purchased some things from AG, and today I'm going to be reviewing the Raspberry Glasses.
These glasses are perfectly doll-sized.  They're super cute!
They open easily, just be careful NOT to break it by pulling it too hard.
They easily slip on your doll, and they go on perfectly!
The case is felt, and it has American Girl on it.  I <3 it!
It opens up so the glasses will go in.
The glasses easily slip in.
My Review: These glasses are perfect!!  I absoulutely love the color of the glasses & the case.  They easily slip on dolls, and perfectly go in the case!!  The bad thing is, I wouldn't recommend this for girls age 6 and under, because the glasses can easily break and require patientence.
Overall Grade: A (for the breaking part!)
~Hope: PrincessAG~
P.S. I'm using them for Mallory, check my Google+ picture!

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