Tuesday, March 19, 2013

American Girl Place Dallas Part 1!-Photo Requests

Hey girls!!  I'm so happy!!  I recently went to AGP Dallas and made some purchases!  I also ate in the bistro.  Some of the pictures are blurry or weird because I took them with my iPod Touch, I didn't want to bring my camera.  Here are some pictures before we ate at the bistro, I took all the photo requests everyone wanted:
1. Amanda requested pictures of Saige:

2. Marcia (Cindy) requested Cecile in her red dress:

(These are in the case, sorry they look funny!)

3. Kirstenlover requested My AG Stuff, Molly's new bed & PJ's, the weekend fun outfit, Caroline's Travel Outfit, Julie/Ivy, Kit/Ruthie & Rebecca displays.

My AG Stuff

Molly's New Bed & PJ's

Girl-sized Molly PJ's

The Weekend Fun Outfit

Caroline's Travel Outfit

Julie's Display

Rebecca's Display

Kit's Display
4. MarieGrace (Jan) requested a picture of the outside AGP Dallas & Marie-Grace in her party outfit.  The outside AGP Dallas is coming in the last Part, so keep looking for that, Jan! 

5. Marcia (Cindy) also requested the blue MAG Tankini

6. Katarina (KatarinaAGStudios) requested Saige & her painting set, which unfourantley was NOT on display.  Sorry, Katarina!  My apologies!
7. Madison (Madcat) requested Marie-Grace in her skirt set
8. Katie (KatieKat) requested the Pretty Party dress, Saige's dog (Rembrandt) & the Doll Boutique book!
 Sorry, I couldn't get the Pretty Party Outfit.  If you meant the Plaid Party Dress I could put that on?
Saige's dog, Rembrandt

Doll Boutique book

Look for Part 2 coming soon!
~Hope: PrincessAG~

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  1. Cool!
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