Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Adventure to Texas Part 1

Hey girls!
I recently took pictures of Mallory's trip to Texas, I'm so excited to show you Part 1!

"Hello, everyone!" said Mallory, "I'm going to Texas!  Here are the pictures of my trip!"
Me looking out the window.  AHH!  Bright!
Yay!  Mommy said I can watch the Molly movie on the way.
Sorry, blurry!  This is the scene where Molly, Linda and Susan are walking down the street.

Mallory again!
Looking out the window-again!
Me with my hair down, Mommy's going to do my hair later!
The scene where Molly is talking to Aunt Eleanor.
After the movie, Mommy let me play on my pink iPad!
Then we stopped for lunch at Sonic!  (See my little shoe in the corner)?  Mommy got some chicken strips, french fries & a grape slush.
Then Mommy let me use the iPhone to call everyone back at home!  They say hi!
This is the iPhone from Trendy Dolls (www.mytrendydoll.com) .  Look out for a review coming soon!

Then Mommy said it was reading time.  She settled down with her book, in the Violet Travilla Series: Book 2: Violet's Amazing Summer.
I went to sleep.  Boy, was I tired!
Mommy slipped my favorite doggy into my arms while I was sleeping.
A few hours later, when I woke up, I decided to read the book Ruthie had let me take, (her book), Doll Diaries (not in ANY relation to the website).
Looking out the window again!  At least were getting closer!

We're here!  Good-bye! Ciao!  Toodles!  Cya later!
and ~Hope: PrincessAG!~

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  1. AWESOME so far! I can't wait for the next part...even though you already posted it, I have yet to see the awesomeness! xD



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