Saturday, March 30, 2013

GOTY 2014 Possible info

Some girls I know were posting about GOTY 2014, with trademarked names (which were Teagan & Isabelle) so here we go:
I found this article from AG Dollz Gazette, a newspaper published for American Girl fans online:
Rumor Has it: GOTY 2014
I've been thinking ahead for the Girl of the Year 2014, and I've noticed some people are posting interesting finds about this new Girl of the Year.

American Girl has trademarked the two names Isabelle and Teagan.  So?  Well, when American Girl trademarks names, it normally is used for a doll that is going to come. 

Some people say American Girl normally uses unusual names for their Girl of the Year's, as in Saige, McKenna, Kanani, Lanie, etc.  Many say Teagan (because the name is not used often & not normally spelled this way) will be Girl of the Year, and Isabelle will become a new histrocial character.  Isabelle is a name used often, as American Girl used Isabelle in InnerStarU, the online website, but spelled it differently, as in Isabel.

Some people's theories are that GOTY 2014 will be African-American, because there has been no African-American GOTY's.  My theory is, just wait until 2014!  Then you'll find out! :) What do you think of these interesting theories?
(I wrote that for the Gazette, found the info on the MB)

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